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Thread: Constant Sorce Of Pellaz Fo Ya...

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    how can I get the accapella to outta control? Did you ever finish the song? I liked this one alot. I'm not sure where in the bayarea your from but your accent is alil forced say's my guy from frisco. other than that your an alright rapper. not quite an emcee but half way decent. I'm gonna do a remix to better days instead but I would like to do outta control. I'm doing this cause the quality of your recordings are solid and I'm looking for artist to work with that are working hard.
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    Started making beatz when i was 13 now Im 25 the secret to matching BPM is using acid pro or albelton these programs have technology that automatically slice up tempo you simply import type in the bmp of your track export works for me but everybody does it different email me trying to network


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