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Thread: Can someone rip this vocal for me

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    hey guys my names dj step I am a dj and aproducer in the city of chicago I am working on a new electro track involving the song Satuday in the park by Chicago and was wondering if anyone had the software to rip the vocals off the track for me. I have music producing software but nothing that will rip the track... It would be a huge favor. Thank you

    [ame=""]YouTube- Chicago - Saturday in the Park[/ame]

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    [nomedia=""]YouTube- Saturday In The Park Instrumental[/nomedia]

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    sorry my bad man I meant i wanted like just the voice not the instrumnental. but thanks for the hook up

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    if this is still up to date, i would recommend the free kn0ck0ut VST. if u don't know how 2 use, watch some youtube vids (search for 'acapella extraction' or something like that). if you did it already, would you mind telling me how?


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