(ur gonna love me)
like a fat kid who loves chocolate cake
flyin down cruse road so they aint stoppin my pace
and u know vue holds no nine rocked on his waist
get 55 dikembe mutumbo blocks to ya face

(ur gonna love me)
and if she dont then she probably gay
or its becuz she upset and i got all of da jays
get it wet then i clean it up like moppin da place
exquisite bitches all want my popular taste

(ur gonna love me)
no matter what i do, you'll probably hate
no mannuhz or as vue, still a problem to face
smokin on a dutch like a long log filled wit haze
i run tracks while u still tryna jog in the race

(ur gonna love me)
like something that my pops cannot say
-----z talkin shit neatly like blogs on a page
i got crazy hair like its dennis rodman old days
i got money on my mind and i gots to get paid
i'ma muh fuckin real -----, properly raised
what u need, i got, come get it cuz i got it all day
you gonna love me like she thinks papi's my name
get drunk and piss on bitches, i do not be ashamed
my name is vue, and theres already a lot to my name
ima star in da trap trying not to get caught in the fame
it makes no sense but i am the drought in the rain
a couple million stacks, im tryna get lottery paid
you gonna love me like its not val'tines day
live from lawrenceville, born to kill, my spot in the A
you gonna love me like my cocks in her face
i'm fresh off da jets, like dem fobs off a plane
you gonna love me like a guy who's obviously gay
thats no homo for you homo, i dont walk in that way
i am a slave ahead of my time, so i am off of the chain