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Thread: you couldn't even comprehend (the message I send)

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    Icon6 you couldn't even comprehend (the message I send)

    Just gonna spit some rhymes 4 all you lyrical heads..

    your brain couldn't even comprehend, the type of destruction that i amend,
    and i highly recommend you listen and not pretend to be deaf cuz if you offend my family, my faith, or a friend you couldn't possibly apprehend the devastation i will ascend and your life will hit a dead end
    when the beat and the flow starts, my aching heart's beat abruptly stops
    my deadly tongue finally unknots, my brain thinks the most despicable thoughts and everyones jaws drop as i rip you, your faith, and your crew to shreds with an unrelenting attack like the living dead, you'll be hanging by the thinnest thread,

    So I reckon sum of ya freaks need 2 lay low, nobody move until I say so, I approach from out of the smoke, Bilshot from tha LWC, can ya cope wiv tha dopest kid, nope! you don't know the way I roll bitch, so choke on tha hot shit that I spit, like soap in ya eyes, I'm tha bloke with tha rhymes, holy like a pope in disguise, it's LD5 Recognise,
    I'm sat ea thinkin' about sum real hard shit, start with me, get ripped in half quick, I got a problem cuz I spit like a condom that rips, I'm fuckin' on em bitch, strictly LWC business & with a flick of the wrist the half-wits get fckd up, so I can't be arsed 2 spit in ur face, down in a dump truck, such a waste, whose the clown now - ya dumb fuck??

    Drop me sum feed -peace.l8rz.

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    Default Re: you couldn't even comprehend (the message I send)

    I like the rhymes. As im reading it though, I just cant figure out where the bars start and end.

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    Default Re: you couldn't even comprehend (the message I send)

    It is very good. Very descriptive with all the details you threw in there.
    I liked it. Keep it up
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    Default Re: you couldn't even comprehend (the message I send)

    I'll have to listen to the your recorded stuff I couldn't get the rhythm but from what I read its pretty lyrical good work bro


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