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Thread: x-mas verse

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    Default x-mas verse

    (Merry Christmas CP)

    If I had a genie, I'd use one of my wishes
    To wish you Happy Holidays and a merry Christmas
    Live every moment of the present like its gifted
    The verse is the wrapping paper, i grip it and rip it
    Dig this, may God bless ya in your new year
    Break from the past, as for future lose fear
    Cause all that matters now is what we do here
    Life is but a slideshow and this rings true here
    I got that turkey ITIS might sleep the night out
    While laid back watchin Ralphie shoot his eye out
    Crank them Stevie Wonder carols, sing it, let me hear it
    And even these wack Scrooge catz can see my spirit
    See theres nothing like a warm heart to ease the december cold
    To those regards from a loving home
    Let it be known that the king was born in a barn
    Im just a wise man following my Northern Star

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    Default Re: x-mas verse

    haha good look on the holiday spirit, good use of multi rhymes, all I can say is this was a solid festive piece. keep up

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    Default Re: x-mas verse

    Nice one. Thanx for the sentiment and back at ya' brah.

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    Default Re: x-mas verse

    This was hott...funny an creative..i almost cried from laffin when i saw tha ralphie "you'll shoot'cha eye out" part lmao...classik shyt tha "loving home" part was onpoint too, there needs to be more of that message spread about nowadays, thats whats up homie, rokkin piece!!



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    Default Re: x-mas verse

    Love dat Real. Most ppl wont even get on da topic you was on...Keep da Spirit.

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    Default Re: x-mas verse

    Thanks for incorporating the best christmas movie ever. "A Christmas Story"! "You'll shoot your eye out" lol crazy verse luv it
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