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    Default Welcome to My Brain

    {Something Ive been writing off and on for a lil bit. I barely ever finish a whole song. But I wanted to post this one up appreciated.}

    Enter...Tresspasser..welcome to my brain
    Excuse the pool of blood where all logic has been slain
    Ignore the thunder storms, Im just goin through some things
    Its a world born of norms that may see a little strange
    Just go with the flow, no need to go against the grain
    And drop ya common sense like some copper plated change
    Here reality becomes a mere formality and
    clearly balancing the two is fallacy and nearly vain
    Im really glad you're here, I was hoping we could hang
    See I dont have many friends cause they say that Im not sane
    I manipulate and twist like turning man into mayne
    Fathered my own style, went out and let the words play
    So the rappers grabbed their pitchforks and torches of flame
    And after they burned the mill, this is what I became
    Still I reign within my range with an arcane game
    But maybe..Im the normal one and yall deranged

    ..Well, since your here, let me give you a guide
    its been a while since Ive had some company and besides
    You'll get lost trying to find your own way through my mind
    forever, never to find a way out, many have tried
    Now that I think back, there was a psychotherapist
    He might be around somewhere, still lost in the abyss
    Yo, watch your back for childhood memories, trust me
    Laugh if want, but you'll get snuck up on by Chuckie
    This organized chaos is a beautiful shame
    In my head like Damon Wayne causin major pain
    Am I supposed to boast this focused psychosis?
    I Repose these symptoms of neurosis diagnosis
    So aint I mad genious or just a mad genious
    In a class my own, so Im lonely in my genus
    Go ahead and push that Calc 2 to the back
    and we'll ride my train of thought all across this track

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    Default Re: Welcome to My Brain

    i was vibin to this, you actually got me nodding my head while i was rapping this out loud, solid flow, good vocab, good rhyme scheme. no complaints from me. keep up

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    Default Re: Welcome to My Brain

    this was hott man, i had trouble fitting in a couple of the lines but that may have just been the way i was reading it. Other than that it was easy to follow with good rhymes overall a good piece. keep it up man!

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    Default Re: Welcome to My Brain

    Dude You a Labyrinth...

    This prolly the Best flow i heard in a Long Time...

    You gotta give me more lol

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