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    bullets flying, rippin thru tissues hopin they miss u
    my crew's gettin killed, they r hopin I flinch too
    blood flowin thru my scars but I'm numbed in the heart
    I'm hurt I'm hard, but still playin my part
    grievin losses, but my pride is preventin d flood
    I unleash d monsters, I strike wid my sweat n my blood
    gathering the last wisp of strength before I kiss my death
    my fists is clenched, n I wonder is this the end?
    my past life flashes by n I'm shook up for a second
    n its the point of no return I look up to the heavens
    my worlds gettin hazy but I shout n load my automatics
    bring it on motherfuckers I wont stop till y'all 've had it
    n this is it grittin ur grill, kill or be killed
    still lovin d drill wid adrenaline this real
    n this pure hatred flowin thru my veins so hot
    my laughs hysteric, I'm screamin in the name of God!

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    unfortunately i didn't understood all words and the whole point of this lyrics cuz my english not so perfect, but i can see the rhymes incide it, that's cool text.

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    this was cool, kinda reminded me of the hyped up part of Nas -One Mic...i think the complexity could have been upped....multis could improve the flow of this greatly...but like i said, its good as is...keep up


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