It doesn't matter what you think even on the brink
of certain enlightenment
Just what you say may count in any way
to the mediocre minds
That bend and sway in the political breeze
just flash those pearly whites please
Don't ever let them see you sweat
that will prove your humanity
You see, we don't want to care, no time, no where
not now, not here, not then, not there
blank stare at confused whirl of college collage
bright smiles on plastic faces
creating spaces where mass should be
but it's not free it's not real it doesn't know how to be
just do it, get through it
don't ever be caught with your pants down
like a clown so they can say you blew it
Just another loser in a sea of users
That's not who I'm meant to be

(c) 2005 - Jef Peace