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    I know i got the skill i know i got what it takes to pay the bills
    i know i got what i need to send them chills
    down your spine ill enter your mind and leave it filled
    with bars so sick they might leave you ill
    but i dont have the confidence instilled
    to make my break and tempt my fate
    i guess im just too scared to fail
    but its not like i aint got my heart set on it
    my foots on the gas i just aint to the balls to step on it
    i got the brake on tryna get my get my game face on
    thats it bitch time for the reckoning
    im marrying this game id better go get the ring
    im feeling hip hop beckoning
    me to the light, not the one at the end of the tunnel
    i pick up the mic and im in flight like a space shuttle
    call me endeavor ill be here forever
    making sure all the weak links get severed
    im crazy in the cranium, skin like Albanians
    flows blow like uranium, a mother fuckin alien
    sent to this earth as the re-birth of damian

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    good post, I like the space shuttle line, keep up


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