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Thread: The Secret Life Of Bees

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    Default The Secret Life Of Bees

    OK so for my english 1 class i decided to make a poem about a book i "supposedly" read.
    the book was called the secret life of bees and i get all my info from Wikipedia and this other website called Sparknotes.
    so yea...well here it is,give me feedback if u want. I didnt try really hard on it,i just did it as fast as i culde to get to other hw.

    "Father is abusive, and Mother is dead.
    Father blames me for her death,
    But I refuse to believe.
    Heís causing me too much pain
    So my heart forces me to leave.
    To learn about my mother
    Thatís what Iím trying to achieve.
    I have to escape this life,
    Like the bees did.
    They got out of the jar,
    And off with the lid.
    So I have to escape to Tiburon
    And solve the mysteries about my mom.
    On my way, I met this one boy
    Maybe the smartest that I ever met
    We caught feelings and kissed,
    But Iím still not happy yet.
    I also met these three ladies
    That spends their time with bees.
    I asked them questions about my mom
    And now finally I see.
    I am the reason
    Why she died.
    I feel guilty,
    Since now I know that my father didnít lie.
    So now I call him daddy.
    My mom tried to help me
    But instead, her plan failed
    And it cost her life
    So I lost my mother
    And T.Ray lost his wife."

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    Default Re: The Secret Life Of Bees

    that was a good job
    I never read that book
    but i kind of got the gist of it
    thru that poem
    you have talent
    Check out the videos on my channel !!!


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    Default Re: The Secret Life Of Bees

    Good for not even reading the book............

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