the groupies start blowin' my dick like I just turned on some fans
and as i spilled rhymes thru the air, it gets colder and compacts
n it started inflicting more pain in one game than the earthquakes
deflecting shots like an octupus with arms as long as earth snakes
and since my birthday i've escaped dying so many times, i made death retire
and i laid eggs in fire cuz my goal is to multiply myself so I find one to admire
honestly I ain't getting smarter but to the least i have sharpened my figure
i started poking at these beefs as a sign of relief that i am cockin' my trigger
"I'm" walking disfigured like Willie King, cuz some idiots didn't read the right thin'gs
rap meant rythm and poetry, but now "hip hop" is full of these misprints
a feeling now troubles me, I'm the only one left like i'm a fucking lost kid
turn into into the devil with rhymes turning orange cause i'm the hot shit

Willie King, got his wrong foot amputated cause doctors read something wrong

probably my most complex shit i've ever written, if you don't notice the wordplay and stuff then don't bother feeding please.