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Thread: The prototype creation (the lyrical king is back)

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    Default The prototype creation (the lyrical king is back)

    It's been a while but the king is back to let you motherfuckers know what time it is, here is my latest rhyme for yall.

    An aberration thriving in his imagination

    All 2 often chasing after false manifestations

    The prototype creation of the most heartless type

    Down to ignite a riot and bathe in the delight

    Fuck your contrite, i have no soul and know not wrong or right

    I live for spite and at night is when i lose control

    The can't console or understand i was never whole

    So i stroll the streets with the goal of finding fresh meat

    Lives stole to fill the hole that will never be complete

    Repeat the act and over time it becomes a pact

    A trap of sorts got me committed to this blood sport

    My report on being a killer, my last resort

    The corpse came to diner but Lynch was a beginner

    This shit warps his, my resume of a real sinner

    Today i wake with the urge to see bodies decay

    A buffet, i hit my prey and take their lives away

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    Default Re: The prototype creation (the lyrical king is back)

    welcome back, I was feeling this, good flow, complexity, everything was there, keep up

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