Damn! You ever had feelings for girl
When she doesnít even know she is your whole world

You down for whatever to make her smile
The way she walks and talks got you hooked on her style

I think itís time to make my move I but I been stuck for awhile
Ready to live through the good and bad trials

Me and her holding hands walking down the beach is my vision
Do I ask out or hide it inside itís my decision

Take and make the move hope to go smooth to another division
Stay in pain or just to accomplish my mission

To have her in my arms is why I keep wishing
Havenít seen her for weeks my guts starts the twisting

So I kneel on my knees and to god I listen


When I laid my eyes on her she sparkled up my life
Seen ahead in time of her being my wife

Made me see the wrongs to rights
Put my hands down drop my knife

She could be my queen I could be her king
My pain to love, sad to joy she could bring

In this world sheís my every thing
Buy her any thing to the most expensive rings

To diamonds and gold chains
Sit alone in the darkness of the rains

Down for her she down for me I could take away the pain
Attached to each other like sharing the same brain

The way it sounds we people combined our names
Stop now because we only apart shit only stays the same