The Lie (c) 2002 - Jef Peace

Looking inside where you can't hide what you feel
Like a freight train on a downgrade you want to run away
Don't look back look down to the ground where your feet smack like a cold clap on the dull black of the paved road
It's so cold deep down inside nowhwere to hide when you're under the gun nowhere to run you can trust no one not even yourself

You tell you the biggest lie ...
No reason why but still you try ...
To convince yourself it's all okay it'll be fine maybe later today
Words bounce in your head with nothing being said you feel like you're dead ...
Or wish you were ...
But not really that's not it not one little bit it just doesn't fit with the lie to get by so you gotta' try ...

Casual lunacy is in vogue this year so don't shed a tear for my loss of sanity
Don't pray for me it's a waste of breath
God stopped caring about my life shortly after my first death.