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    its been a while since i come on this forum. i wrote these bars a few months ago let me no what ya'll think. its a full track im thinkin of spittin but what you think of tha bars?

    Battle field scars war time memories
    Always gonna stay in my heart ainít letting go of me
    Pakis battling like they mortal enemies
    But things are about to change and that i can guarantee

    Verse 1
    Raised in this world full of insanity
    People always tryina take whatís mine whereís the humanity
    Keep away from the streets where you going G
    Donít you know youíll get eating alive the beast is hungry
    Yeah thatís right im talking from past experience
    And it ainít been the same game ever since
    Pakis attacking you if you got what they ainít
    And itís a damn shame that they jealous of your fame
    For every successful Paki theres a hater
    Keep your right eye open at all times
    and you see the haters
    You see me you gone see the realist
    Listen to this deeply and you gone feel it
    Cause this isnít just rap its deeper
    Haters to the beast weíll feed ya
    Out in the streets like everyday
    Makin our money homie we selling that yay
    Hell yeah everyday payday when you me
    cause im living the good life slangin G's
    up in these cold streets
    At times of beef on us you can trust
    We ainít going nowhere we there to bust
    Its always been in my fate to shake up the crime rate
    Pakis got no need to wait they just debate
    To see who gone be the next street bait


    Verse 2
    The beast still hungry it need to eat
    Come out homeboy weíll feed you to the streets
    Once out there there ainít no turning back
    Think quick as you die having a flashback
    Feel your soul uplifting from your body
    Relax no need to be scared if you a G
    As you die your head still full of hatred
    Still envying all the pakis who made it
    Lived your life the same way as you died
    Played the role of a coward a hater a faker mother fucker you deserve to fry
    Streets forever hungry still not had enough
    Looking for another hater to bust to burn to dust
    Keep it real on the streets no need to pretend
    Keep it real on the streets homie you comprehend
    Many peers fell victim to the streets
    Now the same shit I see is going to repeat
    It ainít no crime to right a rhyme like mine
    Imma continue to shine you haters can try
    But you never gonna take whatís mine

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    Default Re: The Beast

    its good but you need to work on mixin the rymes up i forgot whats it called but it look like this
    blah blah blah black
    blah blah blah yellow
    blah blah blah jack
    blah blah blah mellow or come up with your own pattern i like the point alot though


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