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Thread: soothin music, finished copy

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    Default soothin music, finished copy

    when times get hard its the bassline that soothes me
    when i feel its all over its the lyrics that move me
    soothing music, intoxicating trueness
    i love it but i use it as my way to get through this
    an escape from reality a saviour for my mentality
    i cant begin to explain, it just helps to ease the pain
    i can relate to the emotion, determination and devotion
    shown by the artists, not the hardest but the smartest
    the ones that put emotion and meanin in the lines
    not the ones that chat about bitches when they rhyme
    cos it the true shit that makes real rap music
    not the wannabe mcs that came hear to abuse it
    since i was 9 ive clung to rhymes knowing they can save me
    take the weight and ease the hate when i am feelin crazy
    when the shit in my head gets to much for me to take
    music will be there, with hip hop i can not break
    its like the glue holdin on the broken pieces of my soul
    i dont have a game plan but i do have a goal
    to make my name, leave a stamp on the game
    but im here for the respect i aint in it for the fame
    im hear to get my voice across let others hear my thoughts
    let you hear about the issues leavin me distraught
    i dont have lyrics off the dome they take a bit of thinkin
    but once i spit my words will rip, i will leave your ship sinkin
    see i got the brains to get real far but that shit aint for me
    id throw away all my smarts to be a real emcee
    cos i dont give a shit bout money thats all the brains will get me
    fuck the money im rich with words, which is why u wont forget me

    as the bassline beats and the chorus repeats
    i get a soothin feelin from my head to my feet
    it takes over my body and it takes over my mind
    i feel the freedom i am no longer confined
    to speakin what they wanna hear, i speak straight from the heart
    with flows so sick, i spit to rip, these wanabes apart

    time to fight for your beliefs, stop the hatin stop the beef
    drop the guns fight with rhymes make them read between the lines
    force your point onto the nation with dedication, concentration
    rise above their expectations, relieve your pain and your frustration
    drop the piece pick up the ink write the words that make them think
    write from your heart not from your head, revive the rap thats close to dead
    the old school shit like pac and biggie, in this game were the cats theyre the mice like micky
    its time to do whatwe do best and put these hatin fakes to rest
    cos im missin the times when hip hop would save me, all this commercial shit does is enrage me
    listenin to rhymes bout bitches and cars thinkin theyre hard cos they spit bullshit bars
    but thats bollocks theyre all just pussys, chumps, bitches
    some might sell weed but most of them are snitches
    theyre killin this game, claimin fame sportin chains
    thinkin theyre the real shit cos little kids speak their name
    but u cant blame the kids its the music of their time
    they aint used to hearin real shit spill out in a rhyme
    it would scare them, but its time to prepare them
    get real and fake rap, put them together and compare them
    see which one makes the kids listen, realise how much they were missin
    open up their little minds, feel the rythm, feel the rhymes
    if its a crime to speak your mind after this rhyme ill be servin the time
    which is fine, as long as it least one man will hear it
    i want one man to feel it but hundreds to fear it
    as they listen to the last line of this flow
    they best listen up and they best fuckin know
    im here to ressurect, not to spit in disrespect
    i use this music to reflect and kill these fake rejects

    as the bassline beats and the chorus repeats
    i get a soothin feelin from my head to my feet
    it takes over my body and it takes over my mind
    i feel the freedom i am no longer confined
    to speakin what they wanna hear, i speak straight from the heart
    with flows so sick, i spit to rip, these wanabes apart

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    Default Re: soothin music, finished copy

    this is ok can't really comment on stuff like this cause i dunno what the vide of it soppose to be like but it seem ok

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    Default Re: soothin music, finished copy

    gona be straight, when i started doing beats my god i was shit im actualy gona listen to my first beat and after months i graduly got better and you're still in the process of an amatuer lyrics writer and you'll look back in time and say shit ive improved i cant believe how basic i was back then so your in the traning process i duno if im confusin u but to describe it in one word ur a beginer in my eyes and thats ok so am i in beats and we get better what can they expect at 16 right lol im 16 2 btw but keep it up never stop glide te tha top stick hip hop wateva, i read the whole lyrics and nice il be postin more feed on ur next project

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    Default Re: soothin music, finished copy

    i was feeling the first verse, but the second verse just seemed off to me, kinda seemed like yer flow was completely different and it wasnt as strong lyrically as the first verse, but keep up and keep posting.

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    Default Re: soothin music, finished copy

    ^agreed. not much else to say

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