They say all we do all day is sex, money and drugs,
All we do is slang drugs to fools and thugs,
But forreal,
No one is keeping it real,
They just like the way they rap to make em feel,
They don't even feel real,
They act like they lived it,
But keep they mouth sealed,
Simply because all people now days talk about how they look,
Simply go to school and read a book,
No one raps about the happy things,
They all rap about the crappy things,
All they say is MY SWAG MY SWAG,
Many of them just bunch of fags,
When you battle me,
Be prepared to be bagged,
Illness is what I spit before you begin to gag,
Bunch of kids now days don't even know what's hip hop,
They just say their favorite artist spits hot,
No one be doing it for fun or forreal,
They just rap and rap to make the little girls squeal,
Until they lose their voice and sound like little boys,
Too much confident is the problem,
99 problems and I've got um.