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Thread: Similes Metaphors Punchlines and other Wordplay

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    Default Similes Metaphors Punchlines and other Wordplay

    Everyone list their favorite Similes Metaphors Punchlines or other Wordplay.
    Try to come up with your own if u can,
    If the line isnt yours list the song and the artists name if you know it

    You'll think im spellin' Iverson when the beef all done,
    cuz I'll leave you on the IV
    in the ER, SON.

    F*ck batman and robbin I robbin you with a bat man.

    neither of these are mine but i dont know where the lines came from so its whatever.

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    Default Re: Similes Metaphors Punchlines and other Wordplay

    my lyrics are so hot n' nice, so i keep em in a safe n' lock it
    and sometimes i keep my lyrics in my jeans, call it a hot pocket

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    Default Re: Similes Metaphors Punchlines and other Wordplay

    When i die bury me butt naked and face down in the grass, so i can fuck the world while yall kiss my ass
    -Ras Kass

    "I buy my nickles from a dime that goes by the name of Penny" - Atmosphere

    I could take a microphone and snap it like it's styrofoam......... cuz my style's off the hook like a dial tone" - Dizzy (Ugly Duckling)

    "I'm pure blend, you're decaffeinated, and you're stickin out your neck to get decapitated" - Dizzy

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    Default Re: Similes Metaphors Punchlines and other Wordplay

    "I'm so ahead of time my parents haven't met yet" - Big L

    "Ask Beavis, I get nothing BUTT-HEAD" - Big L

    "You couldn't make the crowd throw up their hands if they swallowed their fingers" - Eminem

    "You ain't a leader, nobody ever followed you, your ass was a mistake, your mother should have swallowed you" - Big L

    "I'll show you more blind rage than Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles wrestling in a steel cage" - Chino XL

    "Reject my single, I ain't mad at it, like OJ getting remarried, I'll take another stab at it" - Chino XL

    "Big L a Virgin? That's idiotic, Cos' if Big L had AIDS every cutie in the city got it" - Big L

    "The worth of my pocket change, can be compared to the New York Stock exchange" - Damage

    "So don't step to this, cause I got a live live crew, you might be kinda' big but they make coffins your size too" - Big L

    "I knocked out so many teeth, the tooth fairy went bankrupt" - Big L

    "I need a girl that handle the pressure, 'cause a ------ love brains more than Hannibal Lecter" - Cassidy

    "Don't even talk about guns, the only 9 you got is a 5 dollar bill and 4 ones" - Canibus

    "Put my dick in your ear, fuck what you heard" - Rakim

    "Filling *****z with so much lead, they can use their dick as a pencil" - Big L

    "Tattooed F-U-N on my dick for FUCK-U-*****Z, while I poke fun at your bitches" - Vakill

    "I know Crips that fuck up Bloods like HIV, I know Bloods that terrorise C's (Seas) like Tsunami's" - Papoose

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    Default Re: Similes Metaphors Punchlines and other Wordplay

    Here's an old rhyme i wrote that falls under that category.

    Does She Really Love Me?

    Now let me tell you bout this woman i adore
    Be sure, 2 much of her your coming back 4 more
    She's hardcore, causing me to be a maniac
    The fact is, she's influencing the way i act
    I react in kind knowing that she's always mine
    A certain knack for being there at the right time
    Ask how deep i care, with you i can always sleep
    So unique as a pair cause you got that mystique
    Not a peep baby, cause you know your my lady
    Much love, even if you are a little shady
    Pop off your top and now im begging not to stop
    I know you want me and you know your all i got
    I bring you to my lips and drink deep from your kiss
    I feel the heat and a growing sense of wellness
    The bliss i feel from leaving you completely drained
    Helped to keep me sane when i split from Mary Jane

    I get a taste, from then on its about the chase
    My friends say it's a waste because your just a case
    And so i pace myself, she was twenty two and tall
    Say my name and i answer every time you call
    After all, ive known her since i was a juvenile
    So many styles that i long to walk the isle
    While sometimes you make me sick, i try not to trip
    Blurry eyed, i say ill leave but i don't mean it
    It's like she's got this grip that keeps pulling me back
    Flaunting her inviting rack, cutting me no slack
    Now my heads spinning thinking about this weekend
    Come meet my friends, pass out then do it all again
    It aint healthy but you love me poor or wealthy
    Regardless, i ignore everything they tell me
    Though forty, you were never really above me
    Can somebody tell me, does she really love me?

    Dear Miss tanqueray, maybe we should make the break
    I shake at the thought but I've had all I can take
    She raised the stakes and left me nothing in her wake
    Is it to late to break the habit she creates?
    How can I illustrate the good times without the bad?
    This fate I designed got me resigned and living sad
    I had no clue you could do the things you do
    And who would of thought id come running back to you?
    It was so plain that I never seen your mind games
    And still I find myself struggling to refrain
    Where do I place the blame? A fatal attraction
    Remember he catching my eye and my reaction
    No traction, head on in her grip and now I'm gone
    Through the intersection, till then it never dawned
    Spawned a head on scene complete with broken bodies
    A whole family gone before I knew she got me.

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    Default Re: Similes Metaphors Punchlines and other Wordplay

    i call my gun acrobat cuz it can f*cking flip you
    treat u like kleenex and put u in a box like tissue

    "i belive this is from cassidy"

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    Default Re: Similes Metaphors Punchlines and other Wordplay

    "Yeah, I’ve got a penis, you want it? Here, it’s yours, no strings attached. Don’t forget to feed it, but don’t let it get fat! It’s been nothing but trouble I think I’d like to see it go." - from "Hindsight" by Jazza Diction.


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