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Thread: Sex Education 101

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    Default Sex Education 101

    alright check it out, I wanted to throw a curveball so here is my latest y'all, it was inspired by an overheard conversation at the mall today.

    check it out...

    Seduction instructions apparently are not instinctual
    Take some pointers, at least if you want the pink you will
    Your erectionís a lap mess, get directions from map quest
    To the clitoris forest, then troubles wise youíll have less
    Now that you have your instructions, time to learn the functions
    Of this vaginal conjunction, make no assumptions
    Understand that this tool can please you, tease you, and disease you
    Thatís why once you get between her knees dude, its time to breeze through
    Do it with ease too, couple tricks up the sleeveíll do, 3 easy steps you can take
    Precipitate, stimulate, penetrate, donít work too fast, know you gotta separate
    Worried about your time? Chance are that sheís not, just work the g spot
    Make the sheets rock, make sure the heats hot, til youíre sure that she pops
    Make no inquisitions to switch positions just stick with missionary
    Unless she starts screamin like a demon feignin for semen, cause thatís shitís just scary
    When she whispers listen, put her in submission til she bust hard and she glisten
    She should still be mistin, time for cool down, the bed is equivalent to a pool now
    Spend your little QT with your cutie, massage from her neck to her booty
    Then dip out, let her have her own time, so she can brag to her friends blowing up the phone line

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    Default Re: Sex Education 101

    nice drop

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    Default Re: Sex Education 101

    beats any sex ed lesson i ever got in school
    these rhymes were dope homie, hot drop!

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    Default Re: Sex Education 101

    Nice rhyme, brah, and not at all off base regarding how to approach the sheet dance if you want to please the ladies. *g*

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    Default Re: Sex Education 101

    Hot! Dat was nice bruh. Very creative funny but true

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