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Thread: save rap!!

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    Default save rap!!

    hip hops changed, its not the same, its all gone to commercial
    lives get claimed, rap gets blamed, because its controversial
    this aint true, its down to you, its just the way u hear it
    il lay this straight, u only hate, rap because u fear it
    its time to stand, time to fight, time it was corrected
    ive got a plan, pic up the mic, and get your words projected
    real emcee's this ones for you, you are my motivation
    i will not let rap suffer for commercial publications
    this game is full of punks and snitches, its been over run
    we will fight with the microphone, we will not cock the guns

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    Default Re: save rap!!

    Nice ... expand on it. This is a great verse, needs at least one more and a hook. Solid rhyme, I can spit it without losing the beat, all around solid writing, brah.

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    Default Re: save rap!!

    good this a spoken word piece?

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    Default Re: save rap!!

    this is easily the best piece I've seen from you, good work homie, yer really starting to blossom and reach your full potential

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    Quote Originally Posted by MicMonster View Post
    good this a spoken word piece?
    no this isnt spoken word although i do understand how u got that with all the comma's half of them arent meant to be there. i put them in to break it down while i was writing, get rid of the comma's and it does flow

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    Default Re: save rap!!

    that shit u sound hard on a beat wit alot of trumpets and strings i like the one mayn keep it up

    "get me the cheddar stackin my bread up the hood had me fed up..//
    had to get lettuce my money my fetish//
    cash i got to get it debit or credit//
    give me the money or ya deaded ya head will get severed//
    mail ya body to the devil to hell i will send it//
    i only beat bitch -----s you could say i was sexist//"


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