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Thread: Rigamortus (freestyle)

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    Icon14 Rigamortus (freestyle)

    just killing some time so amm here it goes:

    Rigamortus (freestyle)
    you put the ass in assasin,
    and im the sin is assasin,
    rinsing and hasing
    this aint no gospel, but commit
    to my grasping, killing em all,
    run gasping for a breath,
    put a wager on my grind, this creed aint assasin,
    passionate shit, this was in fashion
    untill i cracked the eggs before they hatched, it
    stripped of honour and patched it,
    ditched in a pitch black pit,hit and smitten ,
    so red, like a pink ass cheek,spank that flow like,
    rum pa pa pum,
    yo flo so da aa aa um,
    i pick-her at wicker park,
    she said your flo is so wicked,
    i aint takin shit, i smack ya, punkass,
    Duck fast, walking slow, rapping so so,
    what happened duct tapped,
    this is just foreplay, i aint raping, im rapping,
    i always keep an um-brella cuz u haters crapping,
    dark times i see cin-rella rapping,
    i hope being hard comes back in fashion,
    drab muhfukas, i have you for dinner, crab and lobster,
    i have this cluster of thoughts in my mind,
    attacking a bit a bit, a little bit
    my tommy by my side, on the paper,
    taking down one at a time,
    this shit looks so gorgeous, till it goes rigamortis, metamorphsis, to something devilish, sinister thoughts ministers and, administer over my tongue, demolishing, every wall in front of me,
    dont trust me, this might look lusty,
    but im too dusty to shine,

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    Default Re: Rigamortus (freestyle)

    lyrics were straight, but i couldn't keep the rhythm for it but you got anything recorded? maybe I can keep up with it better after I hear it on wax. but i'm not knocking you homie keep doin your thang. let me know if you have something recorded


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