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    Default random free/keystyle

    everything i do, poetry in motion
    deep, lyrically equivalent to the ocean
    cause convulsions like voodoo potions
    these fake cats is a rash and i am the lotion
    im droppin knowledge like oxford scholars
    not bad considerin i never finished college
    im here now, your noise is void
    all these so called hot bois paranoid
    cos my paragraphs paralell this is paradise
    im a paragon leave you parasites paralised
    my parable parachute from here to paraguay
    im paramount u cant fuck wid I
    the don dadda none flow badder
    walk tall as a ladder and i talk with swagger
    im a nova racing a ferrari
    im a little kid takin on the army
    be a legend when i die like a was bob marly
    marcus garvy or muhamid ali

    just a boredom freestyle
    im crazy in the cranium, skin like Albanians
    flows blow like uranium, a mother fuckin alien
    sent to this earth as the re-birth of damian

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    Default Re: random free/keystyle

    this was cool, especially for a freestyle, and damn anyone who says u cant freestyle online ha. keep up

    im droppin knowledge like oxford scholars
    not bad considerin i never finished college

    ^ that was my favorite line, flowed nice, and it was a good use of poetic license

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