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Thread: Puff Puff Pass (open collab)

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    Default Puff Puff Pass (open collab)

    Drug Dealer: Ayo Keen, you want some shrooms or oxy homie?

    Keen: Nah, I'm straight man

    Drug Dealer: Well then what do you want, you know I got it all

    Keen: Ha, I'll tell you what man...

    Bust me down a philly, twist it up, put mary jane in it
    Donít need no liquor or them pills, Iíll chill with mary jane, get it?
    Give me a brick sell dimes and nicks, I can get scandalous with it
    Iím not a dealer, Iím a pimp, Iím pimpiní Mary Jane, get it?
    Iíll trick her out for 10 or 20 bucks, yeah you can get with it
    She ainít always a dime but to get right Iíll lay with Mary Jane get it?
    My chocolate ThaÔs will get you dizzy if you mix Mary Jane with it
    A customer hit it and asked ďyo, Keen, this ainít just Mary Jane is it?Ē
    Some smokers lace their blunts with coke and cannabis in it
    I canít get with it, pass that shit, I just want mary jane, get it?
    I order keys from over seas and I get some mary jane with it
    And when life is stressing me, I turn to Mary Jane, get it?
    Roll honey dutches with white widow and the second I lit it
    Everyone close by was lifted, asking what kind or mary jane is this
    I laughed for a second, then choked while sayiní this shit is exquisite
    But fuck the talking Ďcause Iím coughin, Iím gone on mary jane get it?

    Puff puff pass that shit to the motherfuckin left
    lips to the leaf, inhale til you run out of breath
    blow it out or zero it, it doesnt really matter
    nah fuck that blunt, roll that shit even fatter

    Puff puff pass that shit to the motherfuckin right
    oh its on me? homie pass me the light
    i'm gonna inhale unti i stumble and its hard to walk
    this that good mary jane that makes it hard to talk

    jump on this if u get an idea, and feed is appreciated, keep in mind this was a freestyle

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    Default Re: Puff Puff Pass (open collab)

    Aiyyo bro, 5's n 10's is only a taste
    if i dnt spend at least a dub, den dat shit is a waste
    blowin smoke to the sky till im cloudin the place
    ima puff puff pass til i cant feel my face
    fuzzy buds in a dutch, man how much do it take
    to be fly in the sky? Bout a quarter of greats
    me n keen flyin by in two quarter to 8's
    smokin good, while u lackin n u wastin ya cake
    mary jane dressed in blue is enuff to escape
    the cruel world full of -----s who do nutn but hate
    n fake, wit female ways all dey do is debate
    fuck talkin, give me a philly n a bitch n im str8
    cuz i know alot of dudes that be pushin dat shake
    im hittin the gym in the streets cuz im pushin the weight
    its my time, fall back, all u -----s can wait
    aye keen, fire a l, and puff puff pass this way

    i like da concept tho my -----!!!!!! Shits nice
    i jus felt like addin sumtn since i seen u said collab....good shit tho



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    Default Re: Puff Puff Pass (open collab)

    Man Yall Should Get On A Joint Together.. U Guys Spit Some Fire...

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    Default Re: Puff Puff Pass (open collab)

    thanks for the feed, and good look hustle, it was a solid verse

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    Default Re: Puff Puff Pass (open collab)

    U puffin 2 much man pass dat shit
    We smokin on sum thrax my blunts always tightly knit
    I will admit I cant quit cuz one hit will unfit a bitch
    It will switch yo twich 2 glitch higher than a concert pitch
    Blueboma wat dey call me cuz I smoke up da place
    Like an army base brussles laced but in any case
    I still win it. I'm a reploid mavericks i'm blowin up
    Smoke a trick quick like a cigarette butt
    But no I dont need a gun I got my mega buster
    Buddy take a puff u dead like General Custer
    Well its time to go hit me up ya'll kno my name
    I don't claim to fame cuz I gotta fuckin video game

    Damn yo I did this in between classes in like 10 mins.
    Keep the blunt goin

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    Default Re: Puff Puff Pass (open collab)

    Guess whos back on tracks, got his computer working again
    No need to cover my shift, Im here to put work in again
    Pass that, I dont smoke but I blaze emcees
    ..been gone for a minute, my flow was on sick-leave
    Take a hit of this and it'll have you trippin for days
    drifting in clouds of haze and wake up in a crowd of gays
    hey...Im just sayin this is how the game plays
    They call me Peter Parker when Im hittin' that Mary Jane....lets get it

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    Default Re: Puff Puff Pass (open collab)

    U already know my dude...its all love out here!!!



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    robertstown ireland

    Default Re: Puff Puff Pass (open collab)

    got that white widow, skunk and tha purple haze
    put it all in a blunt and id be asleep for days
    and when i wake up ----- im still in a daze
    and my minds all scrambled like im lost in a maze
    but before i get sum breakfast i gotta hit that street
    cause a true weed smoker gotta smoke before he eat
    my minds gettin loose and i act like a dum dum
    as im bumpin out ludacris blueberry yum yum
    said you had a stack (show me) i got a couple g
    this game is like a lock homie for success you need a key
    thers nothin better then baggin up a brick
    countin all your ounces and you got 36
    rollin up a blunt to take another hit
    of that skunky funky smelly green shit
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    Default Re: Puff Puff Pass (open collab)

    puff puff pass, Keen keep the dutch moving
    one hit of this shit and my flow starts improving
    got that high grade shit and im blazin all day
    its fuckin with my brain but i cant stay away
    i know it causes shit like mental instability
    tranquilty, infertility and lack of mobilty
    but that aint enough to put me off the shit
    so blaze that blunt up and give me a hit
    and when that ones gone ill roll up again
    and keep the shit goin while you pick up ya pen
    10 bars gone and the blunts goin round
    so someone else can pick it up while i blaze to this sound......
    im crazy in the cranium, skin like Albanians
    flows blow like uranium, a mother fuckin alien
    sent to this earth as the re-birth of damian

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    Default Re: Puff Puff Pass (open collab)

    if i got a brick then you know im flippin it/
    running laps round the block like im in the olympics/
    get rid of the white widow then ima flip another bitch/
    purple wreck is on deck along with her 7 kids/
    they could possilby be the best kids to ever have/
    pay no child support dont have to whip their ass/
    got em growing upstairs in my attic apartment/
    try comin in and youll be leavin in small fragments/
    i like variety so ill probably cop another half/
    kushberry, lemon skunk, afghani or indicas/
    roll em up in sweet honey dutch masters/
    i used to smoke the swisher sweet but they burn faster/
    rolled it up real tight looking like a flashlight/
    so i had to take it slow this is some fire ass dro/
    a good seed, bit of water and a side of love/
    wait a couple months until shes all grown up/
    make my own money on my own pounds/
    all you gotta do is drop the seed in the ground/

    this is the first time i've actually ever done anything like this. Just got done while im making a beat and thought i'd just write something. the plant is my business partner and friend as well

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    Default Re: Puff Puff Pass (open collab)

    yeh that was a sick lil'spit homez props 2 you n keep it coming -peace.l8rz.

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    Default Re: Puff Puff Pass (open collab)

    The beat go down wen we pass dat shit
    So fucked up like my life portrait
    I went to school but I fucked up bad
    lost communication wit my mom and my dad
    don't know what i'm doin dis shit aint funny
    gotta dime bag but im all outta money
    so i smoke my probs away all i got is my friends
    fellin high as hell till i burned my hands
    my blunt hit the floor and now i lost my high
    sweatin like fuk and my throat is dry
    cant talk straight cant stay on the beat
    and im mad now so i take my ass to sleep

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