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Thread: #PoetryFlow "The Observations Of A Relationship"

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    Default #PoetryFlow "The Observations Of A Relationship"

    WeBeFTMG, I Be AV. A soul blessed with the gift of poetry. Rather blessed with the superpower of word manipulation. Accepting the challenges of the world under any stipulations. Not because I choose to but what choice do I have? So instead of stressing I choose to make use of the gifts I have. So through the power of observation I show you what I notice. So when I tell you my knowledge, don't listen... focus. Welcome to #PoetryFlow.

    See the reason why I dont lust for her

    Is the reason you trying to partner her.

    But through the power of observation I can tell you some things that would have you wanting to part from her.

    You're buying her time your not her boyfriend you a customer.

    Just about all the chicks in her area got the same style it ain't custom brah.

    I got more information but you probably already questioning your trust for her.

    See thats just the beginning of why my attention wont discover her.

    All the reasons I wouldn't touch it be the same reasons you making love to her.

    She only want losers she don't want the dude thats trying to make it to the top, heaven, and above for her.

    Is she still interested in your stories if it ain't criminal activity?

    Does she laugh when you say you bringing yourself closer to your divinity?

    They'd do whatever to keep ya, even sacrifice their virginity.

    Goin to church every sunday but thats seemin like a sin to me...

    I don't trip thats why you never see me worrying bout a female.

    They aint nothing but extra bills nowadays sortas like fees in the mail.

    But in all seriousness why they never hold you down?

    Yea when you go to jail they be talkin bout free my inmate but while you in there she humping one of them dudes you thought was gone always be around.

    Nah when you get out you lookin like a clown.

    If she aint got no job and you or her parents aint buyin her them clothes how you think she swaggin round?

    Cuz they got another boy in the same hood but probably in the back of town thats buyin her the stuff to help get you out your money.

    Yea she shake her ass and all your homies see.

    So when yall break up they savages like you so they think yea that ass for me.

    They don't never hold you down while you broke or poor.

    They just kick you in your ribs so you can hurt some more.

    I was taught a real women isn't attracted to what's in a man's pants,

    but more intact with his plans they want the man to advance.

    That's why I don't want her, she more in love with your pockets.

    I'm trying to make it past the sky I'm similar to a rocket.

    Yea you fresh you fine,

    You never really crossed my mind.

    I was always more satisfied with a lady that don't mind struggle.

    Your mind aint open but your legs are sweetie, you trapped yourself in a bubble.

    So if you aint complicating on the conversation I be contemplating then my love shall not be forsaken.

    But if you mad at me then I hope you forgive me, you can continue to waste your creation...

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    Default Re: #PoetryFlow "The Observations Of A Relationship"

    Powerful imagery ... keep on keepin' on!


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