All Gold Everything? Impossibru
Talkin wit a Asian Meme Accent, DePakeU.
These slow beats, make me feel mentally challenged
Or mixture of Brian and The Monstars, taking my talent.
Let's say Gold is Essential to Life Today
If you're nothing short but that, does it make u Slave?
Platinum or Titanium, New Aging Gods?
Cold Nitrogen touching Copper, do u immediately rot?
What if yo Social Status is Diamond
Do you become immortal or Vexed Violent?
Does it open up a realm of epic proportions
Where u see mysterious Centarus and Poison Endorphins?
To me this don't feel like Rap Persuasion
Moreso this a Class Participating Essay Conversation.
Gold is the most expensive element, you bet
Yet they spoil and waste that shit like Athletes loitering Checks.
Living Large, YOLO, fuck Charge Fees and Taxes
Imma get this money and splurge these Racks, shit.
Not aware of a Ghost named Bankruptcy
Who has the power to make u broke, Financial Epilepsy.
Too much Gold will make ur neck Green
Like Hazardous Chemicals and Moss Streams.
Won't make u blind to bullshit, but it's projected
And why people who say All Gold Everything is homeless and infected!!