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    As long as you'll have me, for forever im yours
    as we weather the wars, never letting the storms
    sever the chords we're slowly weaving in love,
    there'll be reasons to cut but im believing in us,
    burning demons to dust as I'm forgetting the past
    fights contesting our pacts but we're letting it pass
    no resetting of tracks, we're seeing the scene through,
    words ring true, hearing bells, know that i mean you
    daily this seems new, I'll never tire of time
    spent conspiring lines as you inspire my rhymes,
    never retire my mind, every second pondering us
    feelings I'll honor till dust go far beyond lust,
    to wander is nuts because our feeling is lasting
    never seeking subtraction from unbelievable passion
    in a sea of attraction, not a single penny will rest
    while my money's on you, I'll honor my perennial pledge

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    Default Re: Perennial Pledge

    everything was on point but this sounded wierd "for forever im yours"
    isnt it supposed to be "forever im yours"

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    Default Re: Perennial Pledge

    Its FOR forever, thats way you know it is 4 forever, good poem, ill drop a more detailed reply a lil later, i gots to go for now.

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    i like it... got a different feel to it... really feelin it man keep droppin :D


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