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    Icon6 Penetration

    Im at a state of relaxtion while she is showin in her demonstration
    I dont wanna change the station during this moment of penetration,
    I see her on the bed as she anxiously waits
    Anticipating for me to strike her with my snake,
    It is plenty of ways for me to explain this shit
    She wants my dick to kidnap her pussy and write my name inside of it,
    Shes so fuckin beautiful soft and lightskinned with sexy ass eyes
    Dem pretty ass toes leading up to those edible ass thighs,
    Everything is right and mood is set
    Lay her body down while she is so soak and wet,
    I knew this was right when we pasted the hotel lobby
    Fuckin this chick became one of my favorite hobbies,
    I eased it inside of her and got it poppin
    Pussy was so good like pine lumber and i was choppin,
    As our bodys heated the room i felt like satan
    Beating her flesh so good she fell in love with the penetration,
    As she continued to scream my name and stracth my back
    I continued to swim inside of that pretty piece of cat,
    As we went on we decided to change positions
    She bent over and i hit it from the back on the mini fridge in the kitchen,
    While getting it from the back i slowly pulled her hair
    With 112 playin in the background sayin "we can do it anywhere"
    Like R. Kelly her body was callin and i damn sho anwsered
    The way we were going playboy channel would leave this episode censored,
    As i was proceeding from the back i grabbed her titties and peeped the tat on her ass
    Knowing how im doing my name would be on the other side in a flash,
    As i turned her around i picked her up and placed her on the wall
    Knowing that she was awaiting for the seeds in my ballz,
    She placed her hands on my shoulders as she kissed me passionatly I could feel this, that one day this was my wife to be,
    My motion was steadily increasing
    At this point i was ready to start releasing,
    It was that time just like Football season
    My sperm was the ball and her pussy was recieving,
    While pushing in the last of it i was thinking this was wild
    Knowing in nine months we would have the perfect child,
    I love this women when she relieves my frustration
    And we both love the time during Penetration........

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    Default Re: Penetration

    this was X rated for sure ha, flow was a lil off, try evening up the syllables in each line, try not to differ by more than 3 or 4, unless you're speeding up your delivery. other than that I have no suggestions, it was good. keep up

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    Default Re: Penetration

    "Knowing in nine months we would have the perfect child"

    NOOOOO!!! its a trap! PULL OUT!!

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    Default Re: Penetration

    Lol u trippin mane!


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