<This is probly one of the more personal writtens from me. Just tryna figure my role in this life, getting frustrated>

So i look into the clouds and im askin why
I compare to other catz but i aint half as fly
My pockets aint fat, I aint got lots of cash and ice
chronic asthmatic so im always picked last so I
try to outrun life, i hit the track up
I move to slow, my past always catches up
and wont let up, just keeps on coming
Afraid to face my fears so I keep on running
I hit the weight room so I can get more stronger
Strength makes right, I couldnt be more wronger
Now im movin weight but i still feel lightweight
But im told my time will come so i sit back and I wait
Watch seconds turn to minutes turn to hours go pass
Walkin in dad's shoes but cant follow the path
Living in a shell cant express my pains and
momma keep tellin me to pray and be patient
I read a proverb but I missed the meaning
Things aint always what they seem to be man
A fortune cookie told me once to quit dreamin
Nomatter how I twist it kid it seems demeaning
So what am I gaining, what's the purpose,
what's the objective, am i just worthless
And whats worse is I know im tryin
To live to the fullest but everyday Im dying

Im scared to get angry but Im angry that Im scared
Im hidin the beast within me so dont come into my lair
Push the world away, but im pushin for their benefit
Cant find the means to express what im dealin with
Switch emotional pace like two-face
Only a misunderstanding but Im swingin a bat man
"That man" they say, "Has finally cracked man
"Call him a doctor somebody attend him"
Another man says, "Somebody defend him"
"All he needs is a chance, a helping hand we can lend him"
Im at my end but then I begin
to understand the whole reason
that Im breathin is cause of he and I cant sleep and I cant eat and
time is waisting, i want payment for my patience
God save me, I gotta tell it, scream it, yell it,
Speak my mind to the nation

This is my life and the more that I write
With the pen in my right I turn the wrongs into right
Though my heart feels heavy, my pen feels so light
Despite midnight i see the dawn bleed light
Confidence prominent i face the world's danger,
Those who knew me now see a familiar stranger
I hear my angels, my name aint Daniel
But I step into the den like a lion tamer