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Thread: Once again Ft. 2DIE4

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    Default Once again Ft. 2DIE4

    This is some shit i did with a forum member from another site, its from the perspective of a man who abuses his girl and from a friend of the girls view.

    [My Verse]

    And now (once again) tonight the same arguments ignite…..
    Who the FU*K! has the right to tell us we’re wrong when we fight?!
    (Once again) Today is filled with rage, violence in the air
    Got me beating on your ass telling you nobody cares
    On your life I swear, you f*ck up again best be aware
    No other violence we shared before will ever compare
    (Once again) here we go making amends but it’s pretend
    Knowing it depends on when I get to drinking again
    Still she defends me to her friends when they ask what she’s thinking
    When it transcends words and she’s getting beatings without blinking
    (Once again) got cha blaming yourself feeling so ashamed
    It’s a sick game, because of you bi*ch, look what I became
    Still I love you too much to let you leave so you duck and weave
    Such a naive woman, I care and so therefore you receive
    What the fu*k could you hope to achieve if you walked away?
    And what kind of life could you conceive if you didn’t stay?


    [2DIE4's verse]

    So news broke that you've been beaten again
    When I beat on you, I only beat on you as friends
    Knew guy was doin' wrong, I'm not about proving right
    But you and I know it's wrong when he's bruising eyes
    And I bet he blame it on you and make you feel ashamed
    Say's he'll stop but behind doors he's still the same
    Probably under the influence, probably messin' with lines
    A testament of the times that makes you question your mind
    There's a history of it, cataloged in his past crimes
    I'm past tryin' to make you see it's never the 'last time'
    But since he did it again, I'm gonna have to give it an end
    For hitting a friend he'll be wishing for Prison to bring him again
    I could take matters into my own hands, but I hate static
    Ill let psych grab him and hold him in a mental straight jacket
    I guess he's wishing for hell, so Ill give him some help
    Or ignore it
    The thought is he has to go through life and live with himself

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    Default Re: Once again Ft. 2DIE4

    i thought that the first verse came more solid than the first but that both were good. keep up


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