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    we're always looking for answers of what lifes about
    when the key to this lie is worry about yourself
    don't ask for advise and don't ever turn your back
    cuz once the pull the knife you'll be blind to the attack.
    watch emotions collapse into a puddle of tears
    erode into cracks built from stress over years.
    our fear is unbalanced and our love in unsafe,
    our joy is a challenge face it life's a mistake.
    Now stake out the ground and build up your borders
    for your four wall escape as you vacays get shorter...NO WAIT!
    don't give up this battle so easily cast you wall into a shadow and form and army please!!

    Life is a never ending chess game, and the guy who's more cleavers best bet to go insane. with the stain of way to much knowledge for such a feeble little mind designed to accomplish nonsense over time.

    wait in the worlds longest line for you one glimpse at god,
    and see the light shine through this bright white fasad.
    its funny how we're panning for answers in a dried up oasis.
    when the questions a mirage and the cause is faceless,
    the case is, dismissed and the courts been ajoune.
    we know we're all guilty but what the fuck have we learned.
    we still see eye to eye but one optic has gone missin
    and the other has a sty and we're to busy kissing..
    to listen to the soft voice of the distant flower.
    who risked it all by giving us a choice of peace or power.
    we'll show in the acid tears that fall from gods eyes .
    then devour the last years untill our homes dry..

    life is a never ending game of chess and we protect our kings with a bullet proof vest, its a test of knowledge strategy and will, but its just a bunch of nonsense till you master the skill.

    destroy and rebuild a life of solitude.
    its toy to be chill when there poison in our food.
    we're fooled by the card that the fallen angle played and its to damn bizzar to know that things won't change.
    restrained by the steel bars of this closet space and escape is not an option cuz there no where else to stay. its insane that the garden of peace has come to this but i geuss thats what we get for listenin to the snakes hisssss....

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    I know I can't spell worth shit!!


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