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    Title: No Love Lost ~ Episode 2

    Written By: Agentt V

    Edited By: Agentt V

    September 21, 2011

    Genre: Drama

    (Lance's Morning)
    The room was dark, all that could be seen was a silhouette of a man sitting on a shadow covered sofa facing a blank television. He sat as if he was paralyzed, he was trapped in a daze, trapped and held captive by his thoughts. As he sat there in darkness, light spread throughout the area as the cell phone next to him begins to vibrate. The light attacked his sensitive eyes, it was obvious that he hadn't seen light for quite some time. When the light hit his face, it was revealed to be Lance, he sported an unshaved face now. A goatee had formed, it seemed as if he hadn't shaved as well. Lance reluctantly picked up the phone, he had just received a text message. He opened the message and it was from a contact named Dylan. When he looked at it, he threw it back onto the shadow-covered sofa. He dug his elbows into his leg, and placed his face into his palm as well. As he cradled his face he contemplated the events that had occurred in his home that sent him into such a deep depression only four days earlier. Suddenly a loud thud pulled the brakes to his train of thought. He payed it no attention. The thud became more intense and constant. Out of nowhere from outside of the house's front door a relaxed and calm voice penetrated the silence "Say Lance man we know you up in there, you need to come outside." Immediately following the ending of that voice, another deep, energetic yet goofy voice would shatter the mood and tone " See you wouldn't be stuck inside if you wouldn't have let the bitch take your car!" after small conversation could be heard between the two voices the relaxed and calm one trying to soothe the deep, and energetic one "Man why would you say that? The man probably up in there all sad and stuff and you kick him while he down? Check you out!" the other voice responds "Oh don't trip, he used to it." Lance let's out a large sigh and begins to pace slowly to the door, he answers it. Lance opened the door and moved to the side, he obviously knew who was on the other side of the door. First a young man around his early 20s walked in, he wore a pair of stylish reading glasses, they had a shiny golden frame which were barely visible by his long brown dreadlocks. He had only one tattoo his bronze skin, it was on his right bicep, although it was not describable due to it being cut off by the sleeve of a white polo t-shirt. He also wore a pair of black jeans which seemed to be 501 Levi's and a pair of completely black Jordan Jumpman 23 shoes. This young man's name was Derrick. After he walked in, a older yet still young man strutted behind him with a similar skin tone. He was a well-kept, clean cut young man, his hair was neatly trimmed into a crew cut. He was neatly groomed from his eye brows to his finger nails. His body was also covered in tattoos, from his neck, to his waist, and his arms. The tattoos were inspired by the life of a gangster, his entire back was covered in bricks, each with a different acronym or name, his arms were covered in different types of weapons, his chest covered with the names of loved ones. Despite the room being dim, his arm and hands were shining and glimmering. His watch covered his entire left wrist, it seemed to be matching with his ring, which sat pricelessly on his pinky finger of his left hand. He was Dylan, Lance's best friend and Derrick's older brother. Dylan looked Lance up and down, he looked liked he was disgusted and disappointed. Lance stood there ashamed, he bowed his head.
    Dylan examined him once again and in disgust he pointed to the stains, and holes in Lance's attire, it was the same attire he wore when Shante had walked out on him. "Derrick your man's trippin', this is what happens when you give the pussy too much power." Dylan says attempting to kill the tension. Derrick chuckles a bit before he goes to take a seat on the sofa. As soon as he sits a loud crumble sounds off. Derrick looks confused and uncomfortable, he pulls whatever it is from under him and begins to examine it, because of the darkness he is still left confused, all of a sudden Dylan flips a light switch. Derrick begins to look into what he is holding and it turns out to be a small plastic bag filled with ripped and torn pictures of Lance and Shante. Derrick looks at Lance in puzzlement. "Are you serious dude? Nah like seriously? So you ripping up pictures of this broad now? Wow..." Derrick says unenthusiastically. Dylan begins to shake his head in shame as he looks at Lance then looks back to Derrick and says calmly "We need to get this dude out the house before he starts crying again. Derrick we gone take this dude to the strip club tonight let him see some ass." Derrick stands up and begins to speak "Nah, man a strip club? Look I don't know about you Dylan but I hustle too damn hard for my money, I ain't about to just give it away to a female who I ain't gone even be sexin'. Instead, Lance I this chick, she's a chef over at Cheesecake Bistro, why don't we go out, enjoy a meal and get a couple drinks. I mean honestly it looks like you haven't shaved, eaten and let alone moved since it happened." Lance let out a sigh, he walked over to the sofa and plopped down and buried his face into the cushions, muffled by the thick tanish-cream sofa cushion "I don't know man, I honestly don't think I'm ready to leave man... I just wanna think about it for a while." Derrick takes a step over to Lance, he grabs his hand and pulls him off the couch, he pulls him to Lance's bedroom, Dylan follows. Once they get into the bedroom Derrick pushes Lance into the room, and after Dylan walks in he pushes and closes the door. He then leans against the wall and looks at Lance "Look man, honestly just to keep it G, this ain't the Lance I've known for about 20 years now dude... I mean you and Dylan pretty much raised me fool, taught me everything I know and uh lesson number one was not to ever, ever, ever ever ever stress over a female fool! As a matter of fact, this isn't the old Lance, I remember the Lance that was a legend! I remember the Lance who broke the respect record! Aye, Dylan do you remember the Lance who hit 4 females within 1 and a half days with a pair of Reeboks, and Rocawear shirt? Man I don't even think I would approach a female in a Rocawear shirt! And I ain't about to let the legend die fool. Now either you're gonna get dressed, or we gone drag you out the house." Dylan nods in agreement, he slaps Derrick's hand cheerfully as he steps closer "Yea, what he said. I just wouldn't have been so gay about it." As Lance lets off a chuckle he begins to get ready for a night out.

    (Shante's Morning)
    Meanwhile Shante was standing outside of a white wooden door, she was on a tenth floor of condominiums.. She dressed in a casual way, a pair of jeans, a tight body hugging white beater, and a pair of wheat Timberland boots. She knocked on a door labeled 30A, within a few seconds a girl of phenomenal physique answered the door. Her skin tone resembled that of a silky creamy cocoa butter lotion, not a single blemish. She stood maybe 5'4, she had long black hair that fell past her shoulders. She dressed fancily, she wore a body hugging tiger-skinned dressed around her neck laid a diamond choke necklace, it looked priceless. Her ears carried a matching set of earrings that complimented the necklace. She answered the door and held it to her side as if she was blocking the entrance, she was confused "Hello?" she said to Shante. Shante was confused, she had expected to see her friend, instead this person who she had never met answered the door. "Uhm... I.. I'm sorry, I was looking for Jordan?" Shante said nervously. The young woman in the door turned around and yelled into the condo "Jordan, somebody is here for you!" within a few seconds another female would walk towards the door, her body hardly able to be seen, the girl who was in the door would take a step back and another female would replace her. This female was a bit taller, maybe around 5'7, she had sported a shorter haircut, a fade. She had a peanut-buttery skin pigment. She walked to the door with a white beater, a pair of thigh revealing shorts, and a pair of Jordan Jumpman 23 blue and white shoes. Her name was Jordan."Oh Shante, girl come on in, I thought you was that boy from 3 doors down again." she said as she welcomed Shante into the house. Once Shante passed the door, Jordan closed the metal door. Shante looked around examining the house, it seemed newly decorated, the entire room behind the door was covered in awards, metals, plaques and certificates all labeled with Jordan's name, it was obvious she was a very successful person. Jordan walked over to Shante and pointed to a seat as she advanced to kitchen that was near the living room. "Shante, that's Asia, Asia that's Shante." Jordan said as she introduced her two friends. Asia extended her hand towards Shante, "A friend of Jordan's is a friend of mine." Asia said to Shante. Shante gladly and politely grabbed Asia's hand. They shook hands and exchanged smiles, "Nice to meet you Asia. Do you go to school with Jordan?" asked Shante. "Yea, I just got into LSU with her actually, ugh speaking of LSU Jordan are you going to drive out there in the morning, and if so can I get a ride? I hate going to Baton Rouge from New Orleans every day for class." Asia says. Jordan peeks her head into the living room from the kitchen. "Yea, uhm but you gotta be ready early, I have an early class. Like about 6 AM." Asia nods in agreement. Jordan walks into the room carrying a tray of glasses, she places them on the table that is surrounded by the seats Shante and Asia sit on. After sitting the trays down she takes a seat forming a circle between the girls. "So Shante, how has Lance been?" Shante's head drops, she attempts to suck in and hold her tears before she throws her head up and wipes the tears from her eyes before they drop. "I left him Jordan... I haven't seen Lance in four days." Jordan's eyes nearly pop out of her head, she looks confused and puzzled. "What the hell happened!? What did he do!?" Jordan screams. A single tear falls from Shante's eyes, she quickly wipes it with the bottom of her palm and begins to murmer, with her voice breaking "Do you know that bastard cheated with Tashia!? Of all people Tashia!? I hate that bitch! I haven't been to work in 4 days... I just can't look her in her eyes, I think if I do they're gonna put me in jail for twenty-five to life!" Jordan's look changes from confused to surprised "So you mean to tell me he fucked your boss!?" Jordan screams. Asia who doesn't know any of these people looks surprised simply by the situation, she couldn't help but to ask "Your boyfriend fucked your boss?!" Shante's face bears a look of extreme sadness before she yells out "He's not even my boyfriend I'm married to that fool! And Jordan I clicked on him!" Jordan looked at Shante disgusted and stood up and pointed to her as she yelled while simultaneously slapping her thigh "You're sup-fucking-posed to! He cheated on you with your boss!" Shante buried her face into her palms as she parted her lips to speak "But he knew Jordan! He let me go off, he probably wasn't even going to bring it up! I told him how I was the reason he's got all his money, I told him he would have failed without me, I told him how my friends felt about him, I even told him he wasn't a man because he couldn't pay for his cousin's casket! And he snapped... He knew the whole time Jordan! I can't believe he knew, how the fuck did he even find out!?" she said questioning Jordan as if she knew. "Knew what? What did he know?" she responded. "He knew I fucked Terrance! He knew I fucked Terrance while he was in jail, that's probably why they don't hang together anymore! How did he even find out!? I just can't deal with this Jordan, I can't, I don't know what to do... My marriage is falling apart, I mean for god sakes I took his car and I've been sleeping by his mother's house! She doesn't even know! I told her he's out of town and someone was breaking into houses in the neighborhood, I gotta get out of there Jordan, I can't lie to her like that she's been like a mother to me." she cries as she begins to cry into her lap. Jordan goes and sits next to her and puts her arm around her and pulls her closer as she massages her arm, and head to comfort her. "Don't cry Shante... Don't cry baby... Look, how about this, we're going to go get a drink at a bar or something." Shante continues to cry into Jordan's shirt, Asia shakes her head in disagreement "Uhm Jordan, I know if I was her I would want to kill him, I wouldn't want to mix those feelings with alcohol if I were you." says Asia. Jordan nods in agreement, "You're right, well how about your favorite restaurant sweetie? Cheesecake Bistro?" Jordan asks, Shante nods in agreement while still crying into Jordan's shirt. "Ok, I'm gonna go get dressed, you can borrow some of my clothes cause I'm just not gonna go out with you looking like that. Asia do you wanna come? I still have to call up Sadie, I know she's gonna come for this." ask Jordan. Asia stands up, "I'm sorry girls, I wish I could join you guys but me and Chauncey have a date tonight, maybe next time, matter of fact, it's about time I get going." Jordan looks at Asia and shakes her head "You just rushing to that dick again, I still can't get over you talking about some damn "I left my panties..." Like we didn't know what you went back for. Asia looks surprised and shocked, she lets off a giggle and slaps Jordan on the arm "Girl shut up!" she then heads towards the door, she takes a quick detour and gives Shante a hug "I'm sure you'll work this out sweetie, I wish you the best." she says as she hugs Shante and then makes her way to the door. "Bye Jordan! Bye Shante, nice to meet you." Asia then exits the condo.

    (Lance's Evening)
    Lance opens up a door and struts outside. He seems rejuvenated, as if he had a complete makeover. His face was freshly shaven, he was even freshly dressed. He sported a charcoal black suit, it seemed to be Armani. He wore a pair of completely black slip-on loafers with a big golden symbol on them which read "LV". Dylan and Derrick also dressed in suits, they looked like businessmen. Dylan pulled out a set of keys from his pocket, he tosses them to Derrick, "You're driving. Oh and Lance, we gone bring a friend of mine with us, he cool people his name is Shawn. Derrick you know where he live." Derrick catches the keys, the 3 men begin to transition to a car that was parked in the front of Lance's house. The car was silver, like a bullet, with tinted windows and chrome rims, it was a 2011 Cadillac CTS Coupe. Upon seeing this Lance is surprised "Man how the hell can you afford this without a job and I'm still trying to pay for my damn 2010 BMW! How the hell are you even affording anything now that I think about it?" Dylan looks at Lance with an appalled look, he then points at him "Man check you out, all in my business, man look don't get in my car, get on the hood. You ain't allowed in the Batmobile, I hope you choke on a fucking pigeon, cause you ain't riding in my car, watch you get clean on the roof." Lance smacks his teeth and as Dylan gets in the front passenger seat Dylan locks the doors, then unlocks them, right when Lance grabs the door he locks it, this cycle repeats for about 2 minutes before Derrick interrupts it. Dylan chuckles as Lance gets in, Lance softly smacks him on the back of the head. Derrick then pulls off from the house. As Derrick is driving Dylan pulled something out of his pocket, his hand shielded it from vision. He then pulled out a lighter from his pocket and put it up to the object. He sparked it, he began to smoke it, it was brown and slender. Immediately upon lighting it , it sent an intoxicating aroma throughout the car as they progressed on their trip to Cheesecake Bistro.

    (Shante's Evening)
    Shante exits the condo, she is dressed fancily, she wore a sexy dress. It was a cleavage revealing, body hugging orange dress, she wore here hair up, in curls, with a pair of sky blue high heels. She had a few diamond accessories on her arms, wrist and neck were fluttered with diamonds,. Although it seemed she was missing one piece of jewelry... Her wedding ring. Her purse matched her extremely high heels. Jordan soon followed, she dressed in a blood-red fitted dress, she was also accessorized, similar to Shante, she finished her outfit off with a white Jordan clutch and a pair of Red and White Jordan shoes, they were brand new. Shante and Jordan would walk down the hallway, eventually getting to the elevator, as they enter and Shante presses the button to go to the first floor. Jordan looks at her, "Are you ready for this? Just like old times, me, you and Sadie." Shante looked at Jordan and let out a big sigh, she continued to let out smaller breaths "I think I am... I just, I don't feel right Jordan... I feel like I shouldn't have done that to him..." Jordan rubs Shante's back, "Sweetie forget Lance, I know what you did, but that didn't give him any excuse to do what he did, he was just backed into a corner and started swinging. You shouldn't be stressing over him, you're too good for him baby. Look, I bet tonight every dude in New Orleans is gonna have their eyes on you, this is your chance to start over. We don't get them often..." Shante let's off a sniffle as she wipes a tear from her eyes before they fall. "You know what, you're completely right. I'm not about to stress over him, I'm too good to stress over some dog ass man, all I need is my girls. You know what Jordan, from this very moment, from now on, I'm gonna be my own husband, I'm gonna love myself before I love another man." At that instant, the elevator opens to the first floor, the two girls strut out. As they exit the building, a car is right in front the building, Jordan opens the backseat doors and takes her seat, Shante sits in the front, the girl who was driving was Sadie, she was tall, slender and dark, with a full head of pure charcoal black hair. She wore a black dress which nearly matched Jordan's only it was black, she also wore heels. Once the girls closed their doors Beyonce's Irreplaceable blasted and Sadie shot off in her red 2007 BMW. In a matter of twenty minutes, Jordan, Sadie and Shante arrive at the restaurant. Freshly empowered by the lyrics of woman empowering music. The ladies enter the restaurant, in a matter of minutes they are seated. As the ladies begin to take a seat, in a spot in the back of the restaurant Jordan gives Shante a menacing look. Shante responds with a confused look. "Why are you looking at me like that?" Jordan taps Shante on the arm, "Girl, tonight is gonna be the night you forget all about Lance." Just as Shante was about to speak a female waiter approached the table with an enthusiastic tone "Good night ladies, have you all decided what kind of drinks you'll be starting off with?" Sadie quickly joined into the conversation "Uhm yes we do. Girls in celebration of Shante getting over Lance tonight, the first round of drinks are on me! Can you please bring out a bottle of your best tasting alcohol miss?" The waiter wrote the order on a small notepad she carried, "Someone's looking to party tonight. Oh and from a women, congrats on dropping whoever the loser is." She quickly walked off on her way to the kitchen.

    (Lance's Night)
    Derrick, Dylan and Lance all sat outside in the car as they waited outside of a set of apartments. Suddenly, a young man with a low fade walks down the stairs wearing a letterman jacket with the letter "S" on it, it was completely black with a white outline, a pair of black slacks, and a pair of black and white Jordan shoes, he dressed simple yet nicely. When he walked to the car, Derrick started it up. Immediately upon opening one of the car doors, visible smoke poured through the air and filled the area with the smell of nature. As he settled himself in the vehicle he shook everybody's hand in the vehicle. The fellas continue on their way to the restaurant. In about half an hour they finally arrive in the parking lot. They all exit the car, their faces were cheerful and relaxed. Each of their eyes were firetruck red. They all strutted into the restaurant immediately as they enter the restaurant Lance enters and takes a big breath in, readying himself for a night out to forget, just as he exhaled Dylan tapped him on the arm and leaned to him "Aye yo, ain't that Shante over there in the back?"

    (The Hello After The Goodbye)
    Immediately upon seeing Shante, Lance's face turned sour, it crumbled up into a rage. He instantly grew angry. As he stared at her his fist clinched, a small vein could even be seen in his forehead. He suddenly broke his pose, and moved to the restaurant host who seated people. He leaned over on the podium and his anger transformed to relaxation instantly "Excuse me, I know you probably don't do this but uhm, you see that seat over there? Right next to that table of beautiful women over there? Is there any chance we could be seated there?" the host chuckled "Sure. Trying to spark a little pleasant conversation huh sir?" Lance chuckled and said with a chuckle still in his voice "I'm hoping to spark a lot more than that actually." The host let off a quick laugh, grabbed a set of menus and guided the men to the table. As they walked Lance got closer to Derrick and Dylan, he whispered "Follow my lead." Once arriving at the table, the females seemed so tipsy they didn't even realize the men sitting next to them, Lance looked at Dylan as if he was giving him a signal, simultaneously hey both picked up the wooden table and moved it joining it with the girl's table. Lance took his seat right next to Shante, Shawn sat directly across from Shante, Derrick sat next to Shawn and Dylan sat next to Lance. Everything became awkward.
    Shante was frozen, she didn't know what to do. Lance leaned over to her "How the fuck could you do that to me?" he whispers to Shante. She finally look in into Lance's eye since she left him, her voice breaking "I'm sorry Lance, I just couldn't do it, I couldn't deal with it! I didn't know what to do." Anger flowed through Lance. He looked at her in disgust, "So instead of trying to work it out with your husband you trick him then drive off in his fucking face? I can't fucking believe you Shante!" Lance yelled. Derrick calls from down the table "Aye yo Lance chill man, don't blow your cool dude, we in public." Lance brushes Derrick's words off "Man fuck trying to look cool, I ain't nobody's fool. She had me sing the blues for like 4 days and now I finally see her and she ain't even got no fucking reason besides she couldn't handle it? Man I can't fucking believe you Shante!" Lance yelled. Suddenly every person in the restaurant had began to stare at the Lance, hoping to see what was going on. Shante sat there, tears rushing down the sides of her cheeks, her girlfriends still in shock, none of them had anticipated this would happen. Lance looked at her, he took deep breaths hoping to calm himself down. Sadie, who sat next to Shante would look over her, and attempt to reason with Lance "Lance, come on just don't do this to her in public..." she quickly received a response from Dylan "Aye, look bitch mind your business, you ain't got shit to do with this." Sadie was shocked and appalled she didn't know what to say after that, Dylan slapped Lance's shoulder "Aye fool go ahead handle your business." A man in a suit then approached the group, his hands behind his back, two security guards followed "Excuse me, you all have become a disturbance to the other guess, we are going to have to ask you all to please leave." he said in nonchalantly.
    Shante reached under the table, took off her heels, and took a break for the door, her tears blocking her vision as she ran. "Shante, don't do this again!" Lance said as he got up and chased behind her. Eventually he had caught her once she had gotten near the car, he grabbed her right arm and spun her around to face him, he clutched her right arm to make sure she wouldn't leave. "Shante I'm gone tell you something you don't wanna hear... You threw me to the curb, I was hurt I can't lie. And I had this vision in my head that when you saw me again, things would go a little differently, know what I mean? But once again you tried to fuck with my heart. But for some reason, unlike you I remember the times we had, I remember when I was the only person you could talk to for a week because nobody else understood what you were going through. I remember when I first proposed to you, I remember our wedding day. Then I remember how good I was to you, then I remember when you told me no other man could take your heart like I did. I remember all that then it all leads back to me giving you my trust again after you fucking my boy and once I find out not even telling you I knew, and as soon as I do tell you, you fucking drive off. And even after all that, I still can remember that I then did this shit for too long." Lance let go of her, he began to rub his hands through his hair, she stood there shaking and crying as she looked into his eyes. They teared up just a bit but he struggled to hold them back. " Girl, I eat in 4 fucking days, I ain't sleep in 4 fucking days! I barely moved in 4 fucking days! I can't eat cause you make me sick, I can't sleep cause you're not there next to me, I can't move cause you're on my mind too much, and I'll still fucking give up everything to get back in my spot, girl I need you bad!" he said as his hand smacked the air, he spoke passionately.
    The two groups of people Lance and Shante had came with had followed them. Dylan and Derrick exited together, followed by Shawn and Sadie, and finally Jordan who exited alone. They all walked into the parking lot to a shaking, and crying Shante. Dylan folded his arms, he let off a devilish grin. Derrick looked as if he wished he wasn't there. Shawn looked at the situation with a blank face, he's obviously not interested in the slightest. Sadie and Jordan felt bad, they couldn't stand just watching her like that.
    Shante could barely stand, tears flowed down her cheeks. Her eyes, cheeks, and neck soaked by tears. "How can you still love me Lance, after you know I'm still cheating on you with someone you know?" Dylan, Derrick and Lance's jaws all drop. Lance begin to twist and cringe, "What?" Lance ask her, you could hear the pain in his voice. Dylan walks up to Lance and Shante, his right hand on his hip "Lance you want me to drop this crazy bitch!?" Jordan shrieks, Shawn walks up to the situation "Dude chill!" Lance, snaps! "Shut the fuck up! Everybody get the fuck, Dylan man what the fuck is wrong with you man put that shit up! Man ya'll go take a walk or something, fuck!" Dylan slowly tucks his gun, he gargles up enough spit, and he spits on the ground near to where Shante is standing. "I ain't going nothing but a whistle away Lance." Dylan and Derrick walk off, Sadie and Jordan wait for a confirmation from Shante. Shawn stands there for a second. Lance looks at him, " Man, what the hell is wrong with you? Go!" he stays there for a second, and then Shante looks at him. He walks off, calmly without saying a word. Lance quickly spins around to Shante and grips the side of her head, she wasn't even scared, it was like she knew him and she knew what he would do. She simply looked him in the eyes, she was defenseless. She could barely stand, her right arm clutching her left, and she had cried so much that she could drown in her tears. He let her go and clutched the back of his head.
    She tried to suck in her tears so she could speak, "Lance, I'm gone tell you something you don't wanna hear... It sound like you don't know who he is, and I can hear it in your voice that if I tell you now... I don't know what's gonna happen to him. Although, I do wanna tell you that honestly you're the better man... I'm just in love with him. And I know that ain't right. I just... It's my fault. I can't be the woman you want me to be. You expect so much out of me and you actually deserve everything you ask for. That's why you cheated, because everything you expected of me wasn't there and you needed more. I was mad because I knew why, and you didn't. So I left, I was too scared, I didn't wanna face it. I just don't wanna dim your light, you deserve a better woman. Honestly, he doesn't even treat me as good as you do. You should go get a girl who treats you how you treat them, boy I know there are plenty girls who do that." she chuckled and tried to touch him, he moved back and shook his head, he wasn't in a touchy mood. "Look, I'm sorry I had to do this. But I love this man. And honestly he's not better than you at all. But fuck it Lance I see in him what I saw in you when I married you. Our flame went out Lance, but hey it lasted us six winters. Now we start over... I'm sorry."
    Lance let's off a huge sigh and tosses his hands in the air. His tears were gone, "Fuck it, then I just want you to know one thing, never will this happen again. You said the flame died, then this is the last time we'll mourn about it, bye Shante." Lance says as he begins to walk off, he whistles, out of nowhere Derrick, Dylan and Shawn come from behind an SUV. As he walks off, Shante looks at him go this time, he yells back to her "And if my car ain't in front of my door by Tuesday I'm calling the police, better get your ass bus schedule or something." Derrick, attempts to hold it but he burst out in laughter, he questions Lance "Did you seriously just tell chick to get a bus schedule?" Dylan also begins to laugh a bit, Shawn continues to walk, his face still as steal. She stood there, her lips were slightly pouted as he walked off. As they get into the car, Derrick hits a transmitter opening the car, Lance gets the front passenger seat, Dylan and Shawn ride in the back. Derrick gets in the driver's seat and slaps Lance on the shoulder, "Aye bro I like how you handled that. Very classy." Derrick chuckles a bit after. Lance smacks his teeth and begins to laugh a bit, "Man she forgot who I was but she remember what it used to be, she forgot she messing with a G!" Lance says jokingly, Dylan quickly interrupts from the back "Nah, he ain't talking bout that, he talking bout how that bitch had you out there crying!" Derrick then pulls out of the parking lot and they leave.
    Sadie and Jordan come from the side of the restaurant and join Shante. They hug her and walk as a group to their car, there is an eerie silence as they walk. They get in the car, and they pull off in silence, no music, all three were in deep thought, Shante sits in the backseat, she cradles her body to lay on the back seat. She takes out her phone, scrolls down she picks out numbers to send a text message to she slowly types a message to send. She sends it and puts down her phone next to her. Meanwhile as Lance jokes with Dylan and Derrick, he receives a text message, Dylan and Derrick are too caught up in jokes to notice. Lance picks up his cell phone he opens the message and reads "No love lost." from Shante, he exits the message and sits it in his lap, and attempts to get it off his mind. A minute later, Shawn picked up his phone, he had also just received a message, he read it, and he simply responded "Love you too."

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