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    Default No Love Lost 1

    Another Writing Sample

    Title: No Love Lost

    Written By: Agentt V

    Edited By: Agentt V

    September 13, 2011

    Genre: Drama

    The room is silent, tense and engulfed in a field of emotions including guilt, sadness, and anger. He sat as if he was a prisoner of guilt on the tanish-cream couch. His black button-up shirt untucked from his black slacks , his elbow buried into his knee as he buried his head in his hand stroking the hairs of his low groomed hair with his cream skinned hand. She sat in the matching chair adjacent to the sofa he sat in. Her hair in a ponytail, swinging past the her smooth chocolate skin of her neck, she dressed casually in a silky black long sleeve shirt, with a pair of hugging gray sweatpants as she stared at him. Her eyes were rays of guilt burrowing into his soul. He couldn't look in her face. Every time he tried to look into her eyes . She sat there curled up in the chair, face freshly dried from tears slowly slithering from her innocent hazel eyes. He looks up to the ceiling of their home. The silence is broken as he lets off a big sigh. He looks into her eyes. Immediately as he looks into her eyes she begins to shake her head, she looked at him in disbelief, in shame, she was betrayed she just thought she knew him better than that. He buried his head again in shame "Please, Shante don't do me this..." he murmured. Her look of betrayal became a look of disgust "It's funny, I should have been right there in your head saying those exact same words when you did what the hell you did to me Lance!" she responded with tears speeding down the curves of her face. He looked up to her, "I know... I know I messed up! I admit I messed up! I never thought you'd be the one to point out my mistakes." he stated boldly. She stood up and shouted "And I never thought you'd be the one to go out and fuck another female Lance!" she stormed to their bedroom, he chased her. She attempted to slam the door in his face, he caught it and walked into the room. "And I feel stupider, dumber, guiltier, and more insane every time I think about it. At least I was the one to come to you and tell you! At least you didn't hear from anybody else that I had sex with another female! At least I was man enough to come in and tell you that I did it Shante!" he screamed in hopes that she'd calm down just a bit. Instead, she roared back instantly, as if she knew what he was going to say before he did "So what you told me? That's like punching me in my damn face and telling you did it, the pain is still there! Why did you do it Lance!? You never told me why you had sex with another female! When and where did I mess up!? I just want you to remember, I was the one who put you through college, I was the one who had all the answers to the problems you didn't even know existed! I was always there for you when your best friends thought you were a fool! I got you your job, I encouraged you and showed you how to start your business! I fed you and kept you looking sharp when all you could afford to eat for dinner was a pack of noodles, and a honey bun!" she said as she hit him on the chest with both of her hands, using all of her miniscule body to push him away. He attempted to get closer "You think I don't remember that!?" he said convincingly. She was disgusted when she looked at him after that "Well actions speak louder than words, and that voice is saying you don't." He turns around and begins to pace, she falls back into the bed, and balls herself up, securing herself. Nothing was heard but loud breathing, both of them were taking loud breaths in deep thought. Suddenly, she stands up and goes to the mirror on the wall and begins to fix her hair. He leans on the wall softly says "What are you doing?" She is silent for a while, ignoring him. "Babe-" he attempts to say before she cuts him off. "Don't call me that, and don't ask me what I'm doing, it's my time to ask question Lance, and if I feel like your lying about something as unnecessary as what you were wearing... I swear to god Lance... Who is she?" she said as tears once again began to rolled down her chocolate skin. He stood there, and turned his back to her, he used his right hand to clutch the back of his head as he bowed it and his left hand on his hip as he paced away in deep thought "Who the hell was it Lance!? Who made you throw away 6 years of a relationship!?" she said breaking any concentration he could have. " Tashia, it was Tashia your boss!" he shouted, attempting to push himself out of a corner. Immediately upon hearing, she twitched. She was appalled, she was nauseated. She stared at him "So... you not only had sexual relations with someone I work with, but Lance you are seriously telling me you fucked the person I work for...? Lance, I... I... I can't believe you! What would possess you to do something so stupid Lance! Was she worth throwing away 6 years Lance!?" he stood there with his head bowed, the room eventually was drenched in an awkward silence. "Answer me Lance!" she screamed as she got closer to him and thrust her hands into his chest pushing him. He stumbled away and took a step to her almost as if he was going to attack and barked at her "You really wanna know Shante!? I imagined she was you! When I came to the hair salon you weren't there, and she was there alone, crying! She was crying telling me about how her man had just beaten her and when I looked into her eyes I imagined she was you Shante! And before you ask me, it was just 1 month ago, and-" She cut him off, and began to speak lowly "Just... Just one month ago!? Lance you've had me working with the female who had sex with my husband for one whole month!? I can't believe you! How the hell could you do that!? I trusted her, I trusted you Lance! I can't believe you..." She quickly walked to the closet, she grabbed the biggest bag she possibly could and began to toss clothes into the bag. "Lance, what the hell is wrong with you, I should have listened to my friend when they said you weren't anything but a god damned fool." he began to pace the room once again, his fist clutched and balled into a fist. She began to insult, and slander him with cheap-shots as she packed her bag "I knew you couldn't be a real man when you couldn't even pay for your own cousin's casket. I should have just listened to Janet, you're nothing more than a god-damned scrub." He snapped, as he turned around and his clenched fist flew through the air, colliding and crashing into the wall "Man motherfuck your friends! All them hoes hating! Ok, I lied, cheated, you cried, you done? Because I'm pretty damn sure you remember when I had to go to jail for just 3 fucking months what you did huh Shante!?" Her neck snapped up, hangers were heard from the closet dropping, hitting walls and falling to the ground. Her face was covered in surprise, and embarrassment. "So I guess we're not talking about how you fucked my best friend after I was in jail for 1 month huh Shante? Oh no, let's not discuss that right? You thought that dumb ass crying was going to fool me? I know your feelings more than you do you then showed them so much! Man, talking all that dumb stuff, and I guess you're speechless, you weren't when you found out about that other bitch..." he said as his guilt, transformed into anger. Feelings were switched, they both grew inconversable. She walked out of the closet and walked over to him her arms outstretched in order to give him a hug "Baby I love you."
    she mumbled as a tear trickled down her cheek. "Don't fucking say that Shante! He told me you told him the same thing..." he said with his voice breaking as his hand surfed the waves of his hair, doing his best to hold back his tears. "Damn!" he shouted. He plopped on the bed, "Look, if you wanna leave... just fucking go, just please don't say that, please don't say that." he stuttered to say as he buried his eyes and head in his hand, tears flowing slowly through the cracks of his hands, the thought of her laying under another man constantly rushing through his mind, and the thought of him on top of another woman constantly flowing through hers. The room was awkward, he sat on the bed with his head buried in his hands and she stood her back on the wall in front of him as she stared at him. After minutes of silence had passed she decided to sit next to him. They didn't touch one another, yet they were directly next to one another. He would begin to wipe his eyes, he folded his arms in his lap as he looked over his left shoulder into her eyes. "On the count of three... we both say where we did it... deal?" he whispered, she nodded in confirmation. "1...2...3... right here." they both said in unison, immediately they both got off the bed and stared at it. They looked at one another, she snickered, he chuckled, she giggled, he laughed, she joined in. He grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her closer, he squeezed her tight, she returned the favor. He grabbed the back of her head and without saying a word he kissed her forehead. "I wish you were ugly, then it wouldn't have been so hard to leave you." they giggled a bit, she looked up into his eyes, "I'm sorry babe." he looked back into her eyes, "I am too, but... can you honestly say you didn't know we were gonna be right back in this spot when this all began...?" She looked deep into his eyes, her arms wrapped around his body, the room once again grew silent, she finally parted her lips and said "I love you..." he looked into her eyes, she continued to gaze into his, he squeezed her tighter, "I love you too." He began to lead her back to the bed, right before she laid down, she paused, "Wait just a second, close your eyes babe, and when you open them, hopefully everything will be better." He responded by tightly closing his eyes as he sat on the bed. A tear eased down her cheek, she grabbed the bag she had packed, and eased out of their room door, and tip-toed to the front door, she silently answered it, and ran to her car. Tears clouded her vision as she started up her car. He heard the engine, immediately he got up and ran to the door, "No! No don't do this Shante, not like this! Not like this!" he yelled as she pulled off, one hand on the wheel and one hand to wipe the river of tears from her eyes. He stood there holding back his tears as she drove away with his heart, all he could think is the last thing he said to her before she left him was I love you... after the car was gone from his sight, he stared at the road for ten minutes in one position, tears flowing down the side of his face, yet he didn't move he muttered "I thought you loved me..."

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    Default Re: No Love Lost 1

    Very ineresting and entertaining ... a nice twist on a classic premise. Keep on keepin' on!


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