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Thread: Music Saved My life (Just written of the brain)

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    Default Music Saved My life (Just written of the brain)

    Blessed with this thing we call "life"
    Bet you didn't know that this Sh**'s real
    I remember I was hungry but no meal..
    appetite for success with every step up,
    escalator of life,
    mental elevation, to the nation shed light
    hot nights in hell, thats were I fell when I stopped Steppin'
    my steps became wreckless, possessed by the wrong message
    I speak in code hieroglyphics
    Ancient eygtian, with the writens
    mona lisa in type text,
    I write words wrap light herbs
    and make sounds that bring light to my dark
    But I need it lighter!
    One way tunnel, tunnel vision on my mission..
    they called "impossible"So I tom cruised
    I smile at faces confined with hatred
    they hate when you make something from nothing
    turn nothing to something
    name travel seas futuristicly
    g9 g8 G7 G6
    sound patterns of someone never making it
    downward progression
    Music is my weapon, while I wage spiritual war
    if I ever end up with nothing again..well
    F*** it, music is my possession!
    Got possessed by this successful direction
    mind in mars, body earth set
    I make earth spin
    up left down right, cursive

    music saved my life

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    Default Re: Music Saved My life (Just written of the brain)

    "mind in mars, body earth set"

    I like this rhyme, not just that one line, although it popped out at me, but the whole thing ... the feel, the message are excellent ... I hope it's set to music some day and you post the link here.

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