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Thread: Munich(movie) - Poem

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    Default Munich(movie) - Poem

    I had written this for a class I took earlier this year, if you've seen the movie "Munich" then you can relate. This is my first post but I hope you like...

    Munich’s Circle of Violence

    Munich the movie is geared as a thriller,
    By Stephen Spielberg, I thought it would be killer.
    It started out as revenge but soon became much worse,
    With so much blood shed, there must be a curse.
    The circle of violence includes the good and the bad guy,
    With nobody to trust, not even an ally.
    Kill or be killed, an eye for an eye,
    “There is no peace at the end of this,” says Avner, the main guy.
    Violence today, violence back then,
    Who is the winner, and when will it end?

    The movie starts out, intense, with the hostage situation,
    Making you feel compassionate for the Jews and the Israel nation.
    Feeling sorry for the athletes was Spielberg’s little swindle,
    When Avner got his assignment, you hoped his drive wouldn’t dwindle.
    So now your one sided, hoping Avner gets his kills,
    And you know Lou will inform him, for a couple hundred bills.
    First man down, the Palestinian with the groceries,
    Shot by Avner and Robert, a milky bullet is their trophy.
    But now the hunt is on, Avner pissed off the other side,
    Probably led by an underground, Arab-terrorist guy.
    Avner doesn’t yet realize the circle of violence,
    Will soon find him, his men and his mind sense.

    Things begin to get fishy, like in the bed-bomb mission,
    The explosion was much larger than they previously envisioned.
    Paranoia slowly sets in and consumes the whole group,
    Bringing arguments and distrust, which just adds to the loop.
    The first man to get killed just wanted a “one-night-tap,”
    But ended up dead in the bed, killed by that sexy “honey trap”
    Avner soon finds Carl and can’t believe the scene,
    He bursts out crying because an “eye for an eye” is the theme.

    Avner is hit hard with the stress and paranoia,
    You’d probably be stressed too if you thought they were comin’ for ya.
    Next thing you know, Louie and his pap show his photo,
    Avner’s face is priceless, he must be thinkin’ “oh no.”
    He starts going crazy, tearin’ up his room,
    Checking his T.V, phone, and bed for the boom.
    He started out a hero, but then went nuts,
    Now he sleeps in his closet, damn that sucks.

    Munich the movie was portrayed as revenge,
    But the fighting between countries will NEVER really end.
    The circle of violence didn’t start, with the Munich attack,
    Dating earlier than your great grandmother can even think back.
    Nobody wins, no matter what side your on,
    Despite the attacks, I think we all should move on.
    Spielberg ended the movie with a shot of the twin towers,
    An act of revenge, that brought deaths, tears, and flowers.

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    Default Re: Munich(movie) - Poem

    thanks for sharing. Its such a nice movie dear i really love this topic.

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    Default Re: Munich(movie) - Poem

    Nice words....


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