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    Let me know what you think, I've been out of the game for a bit, so I'm a bit rusty...

    When you wake up in the morning
    sluggish like a snail
    you slide to the kitchen and
    simply bypass the mail
    the only thing that's important
    is your cup of joe
    (wait what?)
    cup of java?(hell nah)
    I just want a motherfucking cup of coffee

    When you had a long night
    and didn't sleep well
    you pray to god there's some water
    boiling like hell
    you just wanna wake up
    to a macchiato with cream?
    (you serious?)
    soy latte with milk?(hell nah)
    I just want a motherfucking cup of coffee

    I've had a rough night
    with a lack of sleep
    just a jolt of energy
    but it wont come cheap
    cuz 5 bucks for a medium coffee
    can certainly be beat.

    So when you wanna wake up
    just take a step back
    order some of that stuff
    in a cup and it's black
    lemme get a grande ma-
    (i don't think so…)
    fine a venti caramel so-
    (what did i tell you?)
    just give me a mother fucking cup of coffee.
    it don't matter what you call it,
    it's all the same to me.
    i just want a motherfucking cup of coffee.

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    Lol I liked this as kinda like a poem. I really wouldn't see me likin this as a song tho.

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    Default Re: Motherfuckin Cup Of Coffee

    lol i actually really liked this. It was different. How many people rap about coffee lol. Keep it up.


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