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    woke up this morning to a grey sky baby addicted im addicted to night
    hate flyin but damn beautiful skyline of my city from the night flight
    i remember in the summers in my cousins gettin high in the park
    life in the city fillin rubbers take a pull out the weed waitin till the cops pass
    actin freaky bout my cuzins 26 yr old mate
    remember one night sayin i can say what i want
    ill apologize tomorw and itll be ok hehe
    now shes studyin for college she doin somethin wit herself
    tellin me i need to get outta this shit and do sometin with myself
    but naaaw i will one day when the times right
    no rush im a low consumer everythings gonna be alright
    the day i left the city i couldnt help but cry
    summers in the city for life
    fucked up talkin random shit 10 to 1 but ill be here till 5
    noddin my head 2 liters of lemon and lime writin dope rhymes
    man im in love so caught up deep in this shit
    baby help me get out you have me goin crazy
    that last line to rhyme but ima keep goin fuck it
    gave love motherfuckers took it
    love my city drivin roun at night watchin the streetlights
    see the light travel up and down the seats i love the sky
    wanna move to la tho dont kno if i should tho
    la gangs with ross kemp had me thinkin yo
    they call it the country of dreams in iv
    gta in a few years ill be ready
    have a pic of las vegas skyline at night
    the skys so pure black casino lights
    i wanna go back to the past fuck the future
    so in love with the 90's at least im blessed to have met her
    i dont wana b buryd or creamtd leave me in a lonely field wer the sun shine
    even when i die i wanna be able to see the sky until the end of time
    ive been thru so much pain but ive never felt suicidal
    no matter how many peeps hate me ill always have me
    id never give up this life and the gift that was given to me

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    Default Re: more shit

    this was interesting. the descriptions were solid, very good use of imagery. overall this was well written and a cool perspective of writing i havent seen in a min. keep up

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    Thank You

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