Is he, the true disease of humanity?
Who makes families, happily-ever-afters, and tragedies.
You cant'e compete
Your reactions are the actions of Master E.
Trying to figure out his plan is beyond you an me.
Some call him God while other don't bother, they just choose to bleed.
But you got to see,
The creation this racist subdued an bought for free.

He's on top of the world upon our brains.
He wont stop since we consider him an insoluble trait.
he talks a language we all relate to as sane.
callin it hate. An callin it pain.

Happiness, sadness. It's all the fuckin same.
You'll fall as insane by trying to dismiss the bias rage.
But when you try, He lies, and then you fade.
The rest will thrive, cut their losses and pray

To the master who answers back in different ways.
Giving different opinions so our submissions will stay.
It's too late to escape his reign.
But you control your fate.

You can meditate to cleverly levitate the gates of hell
That Master E made to build this reality on.
But if you don't wanna take the deal
You intake drugs, substances that'll rape an drill until all of E's gone

The mind controller gets baked an still.
Now you won't be derranged,
You'll be drain of all shame an guilt.
but even still after you complete your thrill.
his savage attacks continues to deplete your free will.