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    tryin 2 maintain and decide which choices 2 b choosin
    entangled n my web of deception-pain-and-confusion
    seems everything i once gained i'm now losin
    i can feel the rain so hard that it's bruisin
    windshield wipers don't help cuz i'm not cruisin
    i am stuck n 1 spot- goin nowhere-so i never go there
    who woulda thought- i'd waste so mucha my time
    i have alotta dreams- but i'm not really chasin mine
    i spend my days blazin dimes
    i'm crazed outta my mind
    dealin with a society that try 2 c me as a statistic
    sobriety is not a logistic
    24-7 i'm twisted - so everything-i've missed it
    i am like a dvd
    that is stuck on pause
    tryin 2 find rewind
    cuz i got alot i'd like 2 do-over
    thoughts of suicide on my mind when i'm sober
    so i stay blazed-dazed-damn near n a coma
    feel like i have no1 n my corna
    poppin somas,xannys, and perks
    and that shit still don't work
    self medication-self realization
    that ima jerk
    and by my nation i've been jerked
    the system has really done a number on me
    every1 is tryin 2 get over or under on me
    so i stay on my toes-watchin 4 snakes n the grass
    i pray 4 my foes-cuz they r all friends from my past
    basically ima loner an a stoner
    lazier than homer
    feelin like a piece of shit
    fuck this life
    ima use a knife
    slit my wrists
    and end this shit

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    thats some real shit right there bro... im feelin this. I think everyone has felt like this at least one day in their life. But its the ones that feel it everyday that can truly relate.... naaaaameeeean

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    no doubt man....
    they key is 2 overcome it.....

    appreciate the feedback fam.

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