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Thread: King Heroin (1982)

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    Default King Heroin (1982)

    So now Lil man UR tired of grass,
    LSD ACID Cocaine & Hash,
    When some1 pretending 2 B a true friend,
    said I'll introduce U 2 King Heroin,
    Well, B4 U start messing with me,
    let me inform U on how It'll B,
    for I will seduce U and make U my slave,
    I've sent stronger men then U right 2 their graves,
    U think U could never B such a disgrace,
    then U'll end up addicted 2 Poppy Seed waste,
    U'll start By inhaling me 1 afternoon,
    then U'll take me in2 UR arm real soon,
    And if U think U got dat mystical knack,
    come on and try getting me off UR back,
    The vomits, the cramps, UR guts in a knot,
    UR jangling nerves screamin 4 just 1 more shot,
    the hotchills, the cold sweats, the withdrawal pains,
    can only B eased by my little white grains,
    There's no need 2 lie, no need to look,
    for deep down inside U know that UR hooked,
    U'll swindle UR mother 4 less than a buck,
    U'll end up an animal vile and corrupt,
    U'll mug and U'll steal 4 a narcotic charm,
    and only feel content when I'm deep in UR arm,
    And when U realize the monster U have grown,
    U'll solemnly promise 2 leave me alone,
    U'll give up UR morals, UR conscience, UR heart,
    and then U are mine, till death do us part...

    Now this was written over 25 Years ago by myself and Linda Glasgow (RIP)
    while we sat at Samaritan Village . I have actually seen this poem re
    written in many ways, and even told that THEY wrote it. LOL
    Till this very day I am told that it remains in Rainbow Room of Samaritan
    in a frame so any1 can read.

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    Default Re: King Heroin (1982)

    shhiiiiiiittttt.... wow... it just got deeper n deeper as i kept reading.. the last line just hit me..
    nice post man.. very creative

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    Default Re: King Heroin (1982)

    this is deep man, great post. this has the potential to really open peoples eyes. keep it up man
    im crazy in the cranium, skin like Albanians
    flows blow like uranium, a mother fuckin alien
    sent to this earth as the re-birth of damian

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    Default Re: King Heroin (1982)

    u keep coming with the real deep shit man, I'm feeling it, keep up

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