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Thread: Just killing some time

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    Default Just killing some time

    This is a beat with no words at first, and then i jump on it
    Scribble some lyrics so sick that i just might vomit
    when i try and spit em, so ill i think i need tonic
    im high on the chronic, when the flow starts you better run from it
    ima make rap glitch, like faulty electronics
    now watch as i make this game shift like tectoncics
    I died once, dug up my own grave and crept from it
    cos i heard music dying at the hands of those who slept on it
    all these club hits, its time we heard less of it
    get the whole of hip hop in a room and pick the best of it
    and fuck all the rest of it,
    cheesy imitations wishing they could be famous,
    while they write raps like essays i write dissertations,
    now watch in amazement
    see the bar? i just raised it
    but these fakes, couldnt raise it over the pavement

    Before anyone picks me up on it, i know the first line starts the same way as the "eminem-cocaine snippet" that leaked a few days ago, i just really liked the opening, and hey it was only a bit of fun :D Hope you enjoyed it
    im crazy in the cranium, skin like Albanians
    flows blow like uranium, a mother fuckin alien
    sent to this earth as the re-birth of damian

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    Default Re: Just killing some time

    "i just really liked the opening, and hey it was only a bit of fun :D Hope you enjoyed it"

    Yea definitely man. It was dope and clearly had the eminem-type flow to it. One of your best, i think. Keep up.

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    Default Re: Just killing some time

    You crazy in the cranium?
    Turning domes into stadiums
    masterminded rhymes
    I wish I was getting paid for them
    I'm trynta kill some time to
    So Il break down what im saying then
    When I step up to the plate
    there's not telling how I'll damage him.
    They calling me a miracle
    rapping with all the principles
    leaving conditions critical
    comparing to the invincible.
    This is for you individuals
    listening to all the criminals
    living life by the clocks ticks
    feeling like were invisible.

    haha thats all I got as of now. Just felt like killin a lil time as well. Good job with yours I liked the way it was put together.
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    Default Re: Just killing some time

    HMm nice!

    Don`t even know the song of eminem but spit looks fine !


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