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    Default Journey From Heaven To Hell

    Journey From Heaven to Hell
    Written By: Adam Hazard

    can you hear the death knell
    this is my only bid farewell
    my journey from heaven to hell
    noone to save me, im gone forever
    death took me to a new endeavor
    two-step'd to the gates of heaven
    cant get into gates, no lucky seven
    living a fast life caught up in the end
    a one way trip, now i have to fend
    as I walk into the fiery depths of hell
    minds locked up by these demons, cell
    sold my soul to Lucifer, right price
    my own choices, no need to entice
    a race against time, doves verse crows
    this is the outcome I have chose
    maybe I am death I suppose
    when my heart last froze

    For More of Poetry From Hazard Check out "HazardsMind"!

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    Default Re: Journey From Heaven To Hell

    Yeah thats pretty ill and theres some pretty nice imagery here. I always wished I could be a better poet and every once in a while I'll try to put some work down. But I like this down to the structure. Appreciate the post.

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    Default Re: Journey From Heaven To Hell

    like this man, great structure, the topic fits my style. good job man
    "come sit, sip from my holey water/ fresh dripped, from the veins of the innocents ive had to slaughter/ imagine the voice of a daughter, begging for the life of a father/ decided ta let him live turned and shot her"
    back again


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