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Thread: Jay-z early this mornin freestyle!!!!

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    Default Jay-z early this mornin freestyle!!!!

    A smooth operation
    to have the whole hood population listen n pay attention thru observation
    my royal proclamation is to stop the dollar chasin
    i let the money come to me cuz i got proper patience
    my black fist to the sky cuz i represent
    the struggle from the city riots to the president
    detroit resident, flow feelin heaven sent
    the realest n its evident, im fresher than a peppamint
    build my dream so my kids see inheritance
    preventing them from growin seein faces of embarrassment
    fuck the preset world of n*ggas settling
    they gotta strive to better than they ever been
    the hood need better woman next to better men
    to end the late night jokes on david letterman

    jus a quick flow i wrote bout 30 mins ago to that jay z ealry this mornin beat...i was feelin it so i felt like writin real quick to took bout 30 mins, lmao!!!! but like i said before the funny thing is, is that im rappin for fun, ima producer that jus hapns to flow!!!! its crazy
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    Default Re: Jay-z early this mornin freestyle!!!!

    ha i can def see this flowing over that beat, this sounded like it would compliment Jay pretty well. keep up


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