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    Icon6 Insanity

    I have lost every bit of sanity inside of me left
    I feel vanity on my road towards death
    I see visions haunting me as I am taking deep breaths
    But they never seem to reach me because God is there to help
    I can't understand what is wrong with me
    I'm disillusioning lately wondering Am I actually that crazy
    There is something deep in me that I am capable to see
    But I fail to see over the waters and keep my head above sea
    They ignore to see that my temper controls and gets the best of me
    I am having these thoughts that is leading me to insanity
    I swear all I need is a sign
    To release this beast in me and free my tarnished mind
    Even though I can climb the gate as it gets higher
    I always get caught up inside the barbwire
    But I can imagine me reaching the top one day
    If I quit letting my emotions take my intelligence away
    Stupid decisions can lead to the worse in life
    But life is a gamble and I am willing to roll the dice
    But these dice have my life sliced like sharp knifes
    And the dagger penetrates my soul and takes my life
    I think I am losing it but could already be lost
    Death is the common denominator and I feel close to the cross
    Then I think will I be worthy of the cross and one day my soul be levitated
    Or will I be sent to the fiery pits to be tortured and cremated
    Who knows because it sure isn't me?
    They say my life is in God's hands but I wish I could see
    I have faith and I believe
    That I can accomplish anything and be the best to achieve
    To achieve I must succeed to grow my seeds
    And make wise decisions to grow thick like a forest of trees
    It is hard to start up when all u have is hard dirt on the ground layer
    But I steady grab my shovel and dig with a hope and a prayer
    I see sanity somewhere and I feel its nearness
    But my eyesight is still blurry and I'm in need of clearness
    One day when I get to the bench I am going to see
    But right now I plead guilty to insanity

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    Default Re: Insanity

    this was good

    "But they never seem to reach me because God is there to help" < that line doesnt fit

    other than that, no major problems. keep up

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    Default Re: Insanity

    it was alright. It wasnt bad but it wasnt raw...That God line does fit though

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