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Thread: However You Need It We Jus Crippin

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    Default However You Need It We Jus Crippin

    Here's a little sumthin i wrote in bout 5 mins lol
    its a freestyle to Dre's Just Dippin

    Tell me what chu tink?

    We got hammers wrapped with bandannas, we heated so beat it/
    however you want it, naw however you need it we just Crippin/

    Yo look at all these bitches that i could roll through/
    my mind like my favorite colour, ya know... blue/
    so who's next, leave these dudes vexed/
    while im getting necc off your bitch in my brand new blue lex/
    chilling in my blue suit on each foot is a blue shoe/
    and i never get redeye ya know why? cos we smoke the blues fool/
    you dont know what we bout, heres a fuccing blues clue/
    chilling with my blue crew with my bandanna Tookie Blue/
    mayne im too sicc, so fucc you bitches you aint gonna do shit/
    and even so ya little pricc, i couldnt give a blue shit/
    hop out the blue ride, switch off the deep blue lights/
    looking to the deep blue sky through my deep blue eyes/
    Straight Crippin, in a minute youll see why I take the name/
    'you aint from Los Angeles so what blue set you claim'/
    ACRONYM bitch, so motherfuccer stop trying me/
    C.omrade R.aised I.n the P.ropagandas of S.ociety/

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    Default Re: However You Need It We Jus Crippin

    Okay, good start, but I'll refrain from artistic critique until I know where you're going with this. I really like the very last line and if you expand to explain the P.ropgandas of S.ociety, I think you'll have something substantial.

    Good writing, though.

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