<Yeaaaah. I had fun with this one. OK, so heres whats happening. Everybody's talkin bout this rapper (me) cause he's kinda like a myth or somethin like that. Each part is done in a different voice. Maaaaan, when i was recordin this i couldnt get through the girl voice for nothin without laughin. no HOMO. check it out though>

Voice A* (Normal)
Yo there he go, the kid who nice wit his
I've heard some tight verses but he'll end yo life wit his
He slick and he sick, he spit and he split
One rapper at a time yo he's rippin the kids
I aint tryna sweat the cat but hes a one-man army
Nobody knows his name but its rumored its Jon B
shhhhh! keep it down, I think he heard us!
Put your head down, don't make eye contact
I aint tryna get served up in rap combat
Good! he looked away, I can get my calm back
A legend with the lyrics you'll deaf if you hear it
I seen him battle once but i didnt wanna go near it
Pick 1 word, massacre, roasted, homicide
dude is walkin fine but he traumatized
never rapped again since the '04 summertime
4 bars from the kid cut deeper than kitchen knives

Voice B* (street thug)
Yo yo, i heard em once son, dude is unbelievable
The way he flips the flow back at you is inconceivable
You'll never read em though just cant catch him sleepin, no
boy cant be beat, end story, that's all you need to know
He's got a style and a swag that cannot be equaled
Think of the scariest movie...this is the sequel
An urban myth and a prodigy the boy be wreckin
Respect the game hes a hip-hop legend

Voice C* (nerdy guy)
I heard he traverses the cities, smashin the bold
and just the mention of his name will make these rappers turn cold
so truth be told all the dudes know what is up
Abandon family and your friends throw your deuces up
When he come round the whole town shuts it down
If he ever hears you free flow he'll hunt you down
If your unfortunate enough to go round for round
You'll end up lookin for your pride in the lost and found
Your hope last but a moment when he bolt past
Its hopeless to fight it, back to the old lab
He soars above the rest, Check the aerial perspective
Have your kin and network at your burial respecting
The ladies say he's handsome, he comes and goes like a phantom
Aberration of the nation, this guy J is a monster
Marking dudes at random and the memory will haunt ya
You'd be smart to keep away if you knew what itd cost ya

Voice D* (lady)
ooooohhhhhhhh, so fly so fresh
so strong, so smooth, and so well-dressed
I hear the rumors, he's the best on the beats
Plus I hear its true he's even better in the sheets
Sitting here talking talking bout him, step yalls game up
Keep his name out yall mouth cause he'll tear you lames up
Men of all men and king to you peasants
Respect the game he's a Hip Hop Legend

Voice E* (Stereotypical Arabian guy)
His most intimidating weapon is his simple presence
Even without the fierce that pierce like AK-47s
He's not human, hes a rap machine
The terminator of the haters, this is blasphemy!!
An explosion of emotion on the mic when hes goin
Theres no knowin when he'll stop and his skills are still growing
Far more cunning than an Al Queda cell
He goes and Terrorizes rap infidels!
He strikes fear like hes part of hezbollah
But if you look close then its clear hes a natural balla
Strikes with the wrath like hes been sent from Allah
The MC equivalent to El Chupicabra
He comes with the fire like he's picking up Elijah
Keep your tongue steady cause hell turn around and smite ya
Be careful who you challenge and be careful how you talkin
Your flow is the red sea and he rips it like the prophet