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Thread: freestyle {khold sicksteen}

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    Icon14 freestyle {khold sicksteen}

    this is sumthin i just came up wit and put on my dey allready know track tell me what yall think...

    young real rider
    spit da truth i never lie
    y should i?
    look in my eyes you see dat im stupid fly
    im so cold better yet freezin baby
    u wanna bang jus gimme a reason baby
    im on my shhhhh i need a diaper or a pamper
    whole stak of hundreds
    jus 4 example
    on anotha planet send me checkz on jupiter
    betta yet mars while da game gets stupider
    im in my own world whole notha galaxy
    real o.g. my old hood couldn't handle me
    ya boy real get it poppin like a gat do
    tryna bring da old skool in wit da nu skool
    oh yeah im dat dude
    but dont u worry bout it
    im bout dat stakin paper my life revolve around it
    im a king in da game like martin
    beastin on u suckaz call me da prince of da spartans

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    Default Re: freestyle {khold sicksteen}

    Its hott....but its, and not to be mean...old....try comming up with something a little more original when you rhyme... your structure's great but try to expand your similies and methaphors so that they wont be one and two liners.


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