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    Did this in a rap battle not too long ago, had someone record it on their phone so I could write down the lyrics, thought it was pretty good. Let me know what you think.

    Monsta like Jaws, like Weezy just a beast
    Take a sip of the lean and sit for the feast
    Where the bitches at it's time to roast
    Bread soft with butta' but now I burned ya' like toast
    If you tryin' not to fake it out then stop hatin'
    Cause bitches like these girls start out taken
    Can't find shit in town this good
    That's why I still chill with the bud from my hood
    Stayin' with the nostalgia, fightin' with the Prada
    The Devil got a whole new line of shit you gotta
    Try out, just die out, like your crew you just fixin' to find out
    What we did last week
    And your shit's weak, so get the hell off my beat see
    Before you leave trees, I got some green trees
    I'm tryin' to make my breakfast champions like Wheaties
    And the tale of the story always ends out the same
    It's me comin' out and makin a legend outta your game

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    this verse was alright, flowed better than your other one, still a lil shaky but not too bad. for a rap battle though you should focus more on hard hitting punchlines, for every two lines you spit there should be a punch (or at least try to). keep up

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    its good... i think it just needs to be tightened up a lil... not bad for a freestyle tho


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