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Thread: For my lost ones

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    Default For my lost ones

    I've lost 3 good friends in the past 2 years which has been extremely rough on me, but at the same time has given me even more drive to live and succeed for them.

    One was my other half, in our school days we would pass a paper back and forth everyday writing verse after verse until he passed the summer after our junior year.

    This goes out to all my homies I've lost
    as I scribble in my notepad clenching my cross
    I've shed so many tears, I got no more to spare
    all I can do now,
    is stare at the sky in despair
    knowing you there, it ain't fair,
    you should be here
    you had so much potential,
    so much to live for
    instead I find myself pouring liquor on the floor
    in remembrance
    as my tears drip down
    on every sentence as I write this,
    do you know what its like
    to see your close friend lifeless?
    pondering what the purpose of life is
    so hard to fight it, it just rips me apart
    with you, you took a part of my heart
    a part of my soul, I wish you could let me know
    that your livin it up, sippin patron in the heavens
    breakin bread unleavened

    all I got right now, it's a sore subject for me to write about.

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    Default Re: For my lost ones

    im feelin it it got me thinkin of my 2 homies who just passed R.I.P Josh and Green by the way..this joint was real deep alot of emotion im feelin it son

    "get me the cheddar stackin my bread up the hood had me fed up..//
    had to get lettuce my money my fetish//
    cash i got to get it debit or credit//
    give me the money or ya deaded ya head will get severed//
    mail ya body to the devil to hell i will send it//
    i only beat bitch -----s you could say i was sexist//"


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    Default Re: For my lost ones

    you came real poetic with this, the emotion could be felt all the way through, i didnt know yer homies but R.I.P. to them I lost some too and i know it can be tough.

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