This shit is harder than it looks on t.v
your views in magazines, foos spittin it briefly
decease the, entire game puttin hip hop to shame
For what? for fame!!
another worthless name on the top of the chart while we walk on shards from these stars they discard and they wonder who we are.
its bizzar for them to even think that people like me would trade what they believe just because the moneys green.

well im lettin that shit pass me by. standin side line, middle finger pointed towards the sky with a right mind.
as time bets the timer again, another money hungry rhymer thinks he wins payin bills with his pen.
its pathetic to see careers rise then die and
poetic defeat when peers write them lies
but im not lettin them be, the fear in hip hops mind
cuz most of the "g's" arnt even fuckin down to ride.

but inside i feel the fire ignite spiting a deep rhyme. knowin my shit anit that tight, but ima keep mine, close to the heart and always spit the truth. and keep it apart from those who got something to prove!