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    Way back when i was too young to listen,
    Hip Hop bumpin' in my system,
    Dads gettin' bladdered and he's always pissed an',
    His pops passed away and i could see he missed him,
    Mum Can't take it,she's always cryin',
    Coz dads never home and he's always lyin',
    Couldn't make it better, didn't stop me tryin'
    This a family affair and my soul is dyin',

    Just 8 bars,

    Straight to the point.

    I'd appreciate any feed.


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    this waqs good man, easy to follow but i personally felt it should have been longer, just as i was gettin into it, it ended. no hate tho man keep up the good work

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    it was decent...really, its too short to give any kind of real feeback to. But decent.

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    agreed that its too short for real feedback, its descent and a good start, I'll be looking to see if you're consistent with longer pieces. keep up

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